Orbital Truss Exhibit System for Industrial Look and Feel

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The world of trade show exhibitions are ever-evolving, monotony is the last thing that businesses want. It’s time to leave behind the redundant displays and step into the new (or should we say, renewed) Orbital Truss Exhibits. Say goodbye to repeated, lackluster product options and hello to variety and innovation.

20X20 Orbital Truss Twin Tower Exhibit
20×20 Orbital Truss Twin Tower Exhibit

Orbital Truss Exhibits System for Industrial Look and Feel

With a myriad of industrial trade shows lined up this fall, spanning sectors such as automotive, construction, aerospace, and many more, Orbital Truss Exhibits are returning to the spotlight. Here’s why:

  1. Industrial Aesthetic: Orbital Truss Exhibits provide an authentic industrial ambiance, echoing the spirit of sectors they represent. It’s more than just a booth – it’s an experience.
  2. Customization at its Finest: You’re not locked into a one-size-fits-all solution. These exhibits are 100% custom printed, ensuring that your brand’s voice resonates loud and clear.
  3. Modularity is Key: The ever-changing dynamics of trade shows means that adaptability is a must. With their modular features, these exhibits can easily be reconfigured to fit different booth spaces, giving businesses flexibility for the future.
  4. Ease of Use: And the cherry on top? They’re sturdy, solid, and require no tools for setup. Trade show preparations just got a whole lot simpler!
10X10 Orbital Truss Exhibit
10×10 Orbital Truss Exhibit

Addressing the Exhibitor’s Dilemma

We’ve heard you. The pain point for many exhibitors has been finding options that deviate from the mundane push-pin tube frame systems, all while capturing the robust industrial essence and ensuring portability. The solution is clear: Orbital Truss Exhibits, available in widths of 10ft and 20ft.

10X10 Orbital Truss Exhibit with shelves
10×10 Orbital Truss Exhibit with Shelves

Tailored for a Variety of Trade Shows

Whether you’re in aerospace, manufacturing, or the heavy equipment sector, these exhibits are an impeccable fit. Here’s where they shine:

  • Aerospace Shows
  • Manufacturing Shows
  • Construction Shows
  • Automotive Shows
  • Solar Shows
  • Battery Shows
  • Heavy Equipment Shows
  • Agriculture Shows

… and the list goes on!

In Conclusion

In the trade show world, where making a lasting impression is the key to success, Orbital Truss Exhibits stand out. They combine the charm of the past with the demands of the present, ensuring that your booth is not just seen but remembered. Don’t miss out on this wave of revival. Join the revolution, and let your booth tell your story in the most compelling way.

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