Revolutionizing Trade Show Booths with the Map Pin Hanging Sign

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Are you on the lookout for a trade show booth accessory that guarantees a 100% visibility boost? Look no further! At Production Prints, we’ve brought to life a universally recognized symbol – the Map Pin, just like the one you use on your mobile phone! Now, for the first time ever, you can purchase this distinctive design as a Trade Show Hanging Sign and stand out on the bustling show floor.

Amid a sea of conventional shapes and sizes, the Map Pin Hanging Sign stands as a beacon of creativity and differentiation. Exhibitors often find themselves grappling with the challenge of making their booth space visible and unique. We’ve listened, and our solution is simple yet effective: the Map Pin Hanging Sign.

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Map Pin Hanging Sign

Exclusively developed by Production Prints, our Map Pin Hanging Sign combines the familiarity of the universally recognized symbol with the practicality of visibility. Each kit includes a 6ft, 8ft, or 10ft push-pin aluminum tube frame system with hanging hardware eyelet bolts, a full-color dye sublimation fabric graphic of the corresponding size, and a canvas travel bag.

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Seize the opportunity to leverage the Map Pin Symbol Phenomenon for your booth. Your attendees will appreciate the ease with which they can spot your booth from afar, especially when your instructions are as simple as ‘Find Us under the Map Pin’. We offer our innovative Hanging Sign in three convenient sizes, 6ft Map Pin Trade Show Hanging Sign, 8ft Map Pin Trade Show Hanging Sign, and 10ft Map Pin Trade Show Hanging Sign to ensure perfect integration into your booth space.

map pin hanging sign

Additionally, we’ve prioritized visibility and portability in our design. The Map Pin Hanging Sign is printed on all sides for maximum visibility from any show floor aisle. Moreover, assembly is a breeze with our tool-less aluminum push-pin tube frame system, with each frame piece numbered for fast assembly.

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When it’s time to pack up, the Map Pin Hanging Sign disassembles just as quickly, packing down into a simple canvas travel bag. It can be shipped in a standard cardboard box via UPS or FedEx, making transportation and storage worry-free. As an added bonus, we include FedEx Priority Air Shipping at no additional cost with each purchase.

Join us at Production Prints as we revolutionize trade show booth visibility with our Map Pin Hanging Sign – where innovative design meets unmatched functionality.

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