Category: Trade Show Marketing

Categories: Trade Show Marketing

As the BIG decisions are being made when and where trade shows will resume again, I can’t help but make an overly simplistic comparison between trade show floors in convention centers and a large Costco store.

I don’t mean to compare like are they the same thing, but rather in terms of mass gatherings in the age of Covid and the rules that are applied fairly or unfairly whether they make sense or not.

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Trade shows are one of the earliest marketing channels. According to Wikipedia, the first such gatherings date all the way back to medieval times to the “Champagne Fairs” in France that brought together merchants from all over Europe. Today, there are over 10,000 trade shows from small to mega trade shows across the entire globe and spanning all industries. From “World Fairs” that usher in new technology to the clothing industry with shows like MAGIC in Las Vegas that have defined modern commerce and trade. However, a lot of people will ask “Do Trade Show Really Work?” or are they a waste of time?

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You may have asked yourself the question “What makes a trade show booth great?” or “why does that company’s booth work better than mine?” This is no easy question to answer as it can be approached from many different angles such as booth design, display graphics design, brand recognition, activity in booth, engagement in the booth, and many others.