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Sometimes it’s easier and cheaper to take your trade show exhibit on an airplane as you travel to your next show.

Let’s face it, having the extra peace of mind knowing that it won’t get lost in shipping or at a convention center may sound very attractive.

Under normal circumstances, I would always advise shipping your exhibit assets so you don’t have to lug around extra bags and boxes on top of your personal luggage.

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Getting ready for an upcoming trade show is exciting, but it can also be nerve-racking and quickly turn into dread if proper preparations aren’t put in place!

Today I want to discuss getting the help you need to set up your trade show exhibits—also referred to as show labor or I & D which stands for Installation and Dismantle.

Making sure you have the manpower—and womanpower—to fully set everything up and be ready for the doors to open and the crowds to rush and is super important.

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For some exhibitors, there are times when your average portable backwall or popup banner stand just won’t fly. Every show is different, but you may have a specific trade show that’s your most important of the year—and average just won’t cut it.

Fortunately, a step up in look and appearance doesn’t have to be overly complicated or break the bank.

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Nothing stands out more than a giant, humongous, trade show hanging sign over your booth space. The visibility and attention your booth and brand get can pay for the investment many times over when done right.

But there are a few important things we’ve learned along the way to make the process go much smoother and avoid some potential pitfalls.

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Sometimes we get asked questions that occur often enough that it’s worth their own blog post. Today I want to answer questions about how to make holes in your trade show fabric graphics.

Holes or cuts in your fabric graphics can be necessary for a TV mount, arms for adding shelves, or holes for wires or cables for back-lit trade show exhibits.

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Silicone Edge Graphics—often simply referred to as SEG—are found everywhere on the trade show floor. They’ve been widely adopted as the go-to portable and modular trade show display.

The ability to create back walls, towers, counters, and even back-lit displays, all while being portable and easy to set up, has made exhibitors’ lives much easier and saved them tons of money on shipping and drayage.