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The new Portable Bar Cart is definitely one of the more interesting additions to our site that we’ve been really appreciating and liking more and more.
This display is designed to be used outdoors in configurations such as a bar cart (duh), hydration station in a race or event, a portable sampling station, or whatever other creation you whip up!

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Backlit displays have taken the tradeshow floor by storm and have certainly found their place on it too. These illuminated displays have really won over our customers with the bright, rich, eye-catching colors that these displays are able to provide.

And, of course, the main reason that our customers really like these displays is the attention that they create on the show floor and the ability to attract and welcome the trade show attendees into their booth.

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SEGO modular backlit displays are the new kids on the block in the silicone edge graphics (SEG) neighborhood and quite frankly, we’re really happy to see the changes that come with it. The SEGO display system takes all the feedback from our customers on the tried and true SEG display line and creates a beautifully designed and improved SEG display system…

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Our most successful trade show customers are planning out their schedule months in advance and many times a large decision they have to think about is whether to rent or buy their trade show displays.

These are some of the questions that these customers consider and that we like to ask our clients when evaluating what kind of display setup that would best fit their needs:

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The WaveLight Casonara Displays are like a giant backlit billboard. With various sizes ranging from 5ft wide to 20ft wide, these displays feature a full 360 degree walk-around backlit graphic experience.

This guide will help walk you through what the set up process is like. While the parts and images you see in this guide are for an 8ft wide Casonara Backlit Wall, the instructions and process is still the same for your size Casonara Wall.