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Farmer’s markets are the perfect place to connect your community with your products. Whether you’re just starting or are a farmer’s market veteran, having a booth set up that introduces and reinforces your brand with your customers is extremely important.

That is why we put together a list of our top recommendations for your indoor or outdoor booth space using tents, table covers, and other signage to help leave a memorable impression on each visitor.

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Trade show towers are a great way to elevate your brand in your booth space — literally! It’s a good way to create better visibility on a crowded show floor and can be seen from all angles.

Just like the landmark skyscrapers in major cities, using a trade show tower helps attendees at your event navigate to your business.

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In the last couple of posts, we’ve discussed some of the very best trade show exhibit kits for 10 x 10’ and 10 x 20’ booth sizes for 2023. In this post, we’ll take a closer look at some trade show counters that are portable and modular for your 2023 shows.

There are countless quality trade show counters available, but which ones are the best fit for your particular needs?

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Sometimes it’s easier and cheaper to take your trade show exhibit on an airplane as you travel to your next show.

Let’s face it, having the extra peace of mind knowing that it won’t get lost in shipping or at a convention center may sound very attractive.

Under normal circumstances, I would always advise shipping your exhibit assets so you don’t have to lug around extra bags and boxes on top of your personal luggage.