Referral Program


    Top 3 Reasons why Exhibit Houses use us:

    During busy months it makes sense to focus on the top priority jobs for existing customers and higher dollar projects. 

    Forward lower priority leads to us and we will do our best to close them and send you a check.

    We understand how important it is for Exhibit Houses to get and retain higher dollar, higher value jobs.

    Sometimes it might make sense to take on a smaller job yourself, or sometimes you might find it makes more sense to forward that smaller job to us.

    We work with many other Exhibit Houses who need items like custom size hanging signs, fabric structures, etc that maybe you don’t do in-house.

    Use us as a resource for those ‘hard to find’ items that you can supply to your customers and resell.

    Here are some recent examples:

    We pay an 8% commission on any referral job.

    More reasons to use us:

    Trust is Key

    • Use our website to show your customers more products.
    • Use us as an extension of your business.
    • We’re like you in that we speak ‘Trade Show’.
    • Continually updating website with new fresh products.
    • We’re like an extra sales person you don’t have to pay for.  There when you need us.


    • Great for stubborn leads.  Forward them to us and if we can close them, you get a check.

    Referral Program FAQ's

    Yes indeed, you will receive a copy of the invoice along with you check.

    No, there is no minimum. If you refer us a purchasing customer, we send you a check.

    We will not only keep you in the loop by CC’ing you on our proofs email (final step), but we also CC you when we haven’t heard from a referral and want to follow up with them.

    Absolutely not.  All prices are published on our website and everyone is treated the same.  Discounts are sometimes provided are offered for quantity discounts, competitive price matching and working with customer’s budgets.

    Trust is key. We know it's a leap of faith to refer a customer to a new vendor, but we make sure your customer is treated the same way you would treat them.