Elevate Your Brand Presence: 10ft Formulate Masters Backwall

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It is really important to stand out from the crowd in this changing trade show scene, and we’ve taken things to the next level with our newest creation. We’ve introduced a lot of monitor mount systems in the past, but this one is different. Picture being able to set up several monitors, even in a small 10×10 booth. Well, now you can! Our cutting-edge 10ft Formulate Masters Backwall is here to change the game, turning your trade show presence into something truly exciting and interactive.

10ft Formulate Straight Wall + 2 TV Free-Standing Kiosk Combo

The Ultimate Solution for a Crowded Expo

Crafted to captivate and impress, the 10ft Formulate Masters Backwall is your ideal partner for showcasing your brand in a crowded expo environment. This backwall goes beyond traditional display methods by adding two monitor mounts, allowing for the integration of digital presentations seamlessly into your booth. This feature addresses a common pain point for exhibitors: adding multiple monitors to a limited 10×10′ booth space.

10ft Formulate Straight Wall + 2 TV Free-Standing Kiosk Combo

What’s in the Kit?

Our solution, the 10ft Formulate Masters Straight Wall + Two TV Free-Standing Kiosk Combo, includes:

  • (1) 10ft Infinity DNA Backlit Wall with stunning printing
  • (2) 4.5ft Infinity DNA Back Walls with printing on the left and right sides
  • (2) CA700 Case-to-Counters and (2) CA700 Custom Graphics for a completely branded experience
10ft Formulate Straight Wall + 2 TV Free-Standing Kiosk Combo

Seamless Graphic Display and Integrated Tech

The tension fabric graphic of this backwall stretches perfectly over the frame, offering a smooth and continuous visual that will undoubtedly draw attention. This seamless display is complemented by two robust monitor mounts, which enable you to incorporate digital content smoothly, making your exhibit interactive and modern.

10ft Formulate Straight Wall + 2 TV Free-Standing Kiosk Combo GIF File

Designed for Your Convenience

We understand that time is of the essence in trade shows. That’s why this backwall is designed for easy assembly. The lightweight aluminum frame features snap-button connectors, ensuring a hassle-free setup so you can focus on engaging with your audience. Additionally, we’ve included shelving in this kit for a mouse and keyboard, enhancing the interactive experience for your visitors.

Shelving with keyboard and mouse

In conclusion, the 10ft Formulate Masters Backwall with Dual Monitor Mounts is more than just a display; it’s a comprehensive solution for creating a dynamic, engaging, and interactive environment at trade shows. This kit not only enhances your brand presence but also ensures your audience engagement is at its peak. Get ready to stand out and captivate at your next expo with this revolutionary display solution!

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