Into New Heights! 15ft Tall Lumiere Backlit Walls

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Trade show world is a dynamic world, and making your brand stand out is a constant challenge. Thankfully, achieving towering visibility just became easier with our new Lumiere Backlit Frames, designed to bring your brand to new heights – literally. We’re excited to introduce a solution that allows your booth space to feature backlit walls up to 15ft tall, ensuring your display won’t go unnoticed.

Double the Impact with Stackable Frames

The magic of the Lumiere backlit walls lies in their innovative stackable design. By simply adding another backwall on top using connectors, you can effortlessly double the height of your display from 7.5ft to an impressive 15ft. This feature transforms your booth into a towering beacon of light and color, drawing attendees’ attention from across the exhibition hall.

Tall Backlit Lumiere Walls

A Full Walk-Around Backlit Experience

The Lumiere backlit walls are not just tall; they are also designed for impact. These walls feature expandable (accordion-style) frames that set up in minutes, creating lightboxes that showcase vivid graphics on the front, back, and sides. This provides a complete 360-degree backlit experience, ensuring your brand is seen from every angle.

Tall Backlit Lumiere Walls - Overhead

Stability and Visibility Combined

Worried about the stability of such a tall structure? Our special stabilizer feet ensure that these towering displays stand firm, reaching a full height of 15ft. This elevation is a game-changer, boosting your brand visibility high above the crowd, making it a focal point for all attendees.

Tall Backlit Lumiere Walls Bridge

Introducing the 15ft Tall Lumiere Backlit Configuration “F”

Our Configuration F Backlit Graphic Package is designed to maximize your booth’s impact. It includes:

  • Four 10ft wide x 7.5ft tall Backlit Lumiere Back Walls, which can be stacked and placed side-by-side to create a 20ft wide x 15ft tall display.
  • Two 2ft wide x 7.5ft tall Lumiere Return Walls for added dimension.
  • Inline Support Clamps for structural integrity.
  • Full Color Printing on all visible surfaces – front, back, and sides.

With this configuration, you can turn your booth into a luminous landmark. The full-color printing ensures that your graphics are vibrant and eye-catching, wrapping your booth in a glow that can’t be missed.

In conclusion, the 15ft tall Lumiere Backlit Configuration “F” is more than just a display; it’s a towering statement of your brand’s presence. It’s an opportunity to rise above the competition and shine in the crowded landscape of trade shows. Make your next exhibition unforgettable with this innovative, towering backlit solution.

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