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In the last few years, there’s been an explosion of trade show exhibits that don’t require paid labor, expensive freight, and/or expensive storage. It all started with banner stands and “traditional pop-up displays”.

Soon, there was widespread use of tension fabric exhibits that became more affordable as well as lightweight which really led to its increase in popularity in lots of exhibitor categories….

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SEGO modular backlit displays are the new kids on the block in the silicone edge graphics (SEG) neighborhood and quite frankly, we’re really happy to see the changes that come with it. The SEGO display system takes all the feedback from our customers on the tried and true SEG display line and creates a beautifully designed and improved SEG display system…

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Trade Show Back Walls and other Displays in general have evolved over time. Exhibitors have so many more options now than in the past. No longer are we limited to the Traditional Panel Pop Up Displays (which are still great by the way) or Grid Wall Systems. The options are seemingly endless. Now the biggest challenge is disseminating all the options to find what works best for you now and in the future (let’s say 2–3 years out).