Product Showcase: WaveLine XL Waterfall Stand

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Trade shows and events are all about making a lasting impression, and the WaveLine XL Waterfall Stand is here to ensure your display does just that. This innovative stand is not just a shelving unit; it’s a versatile tool that enhances your exhibit, providing functionality and increasing brand visibility.

Customizable for Various Needs

The WaveLine Waterfall XL offers different sizes to suit your specific display needs, whether you want it to create the impression of an archway or prefer a shorter stand in front of your back wall. It’s compatible with both backlit and non-backlit walls, making it a flexible choice for various types of WaveLine Media event and trade show displays.

XL Waterfall Shelving Options

Functionality Meets Design

This add-on shelving solution stands at an impressive 89 inches tall and features three sturdy shelves, each capable of supporting up to 9 lbs. The customizable aspect of the shelving allows you to adjust the height and even clamp them on the inside or outside of the frame, giving you the freedom to design your display as you see fit.

Versatile Accessories for Enhanced Display

  • Shelving Accessories: Display your products elegantly on frosted acrylic shelves that can be adjusted up or down to fit your items perfectly.
  • TV Monitor Accessories: Want to add a digital element? You can attach a TV monitor up to 42 inches or 30 lbs, with the option to place a shelf beneath it for a keyboard and mouse.
  • Garment Accessories: If your products include clothing, the stand also allows for a garment bar, perfect for hanging items neatly.
  • Branded Stand-Off: For added branding, the stand can be transformed into a full-color printed stand-off unit, ensuring your brand stands out.
CA700 Case-to-Counter

Adaptable and Eye-Catching

Whether you choose to use the WaveLine Waterfall XL frame as a standalone feature without graphics or prefer to add zip-on fabric graphics for a more branded look, this stand is designed to adapt to your exhibiting needs.

WaveLine XL Waterfall Shelving

In conclusion, the WaveLine XL Waterfall Stand is more than just a display shelf; it’s a multifunctional display solution that elevates your product presentation, enhances your branding, and adds a professional touch to your trade show booth. With its range of accessories and customizable features, it’s the perfect addition to make your exhibit space functional, attractive, and memorable.

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