Add a Custom Trade Show Hanging Sign to Your Booth

Not finding what you’re looking for with our standard size & shape Trade Show Hanging Signs?  No problem, we design and create custom hanging signs too.  Here are some tips to consider as you start the process of creating your very own Custom Trade Show Hanging Sign:

#1 Assess your Overall Needs

Will you be using this custom sign for just one main show for the year or do you plan on using it multiple times for multiple shows?  If the latter, make sure you go with a custom size and shape that can be used across multiple booth sizes and configurations.  If you have a 20X40’ booth space for one show and a 20X30’ booth space for another show, you will want to obviously plan a size no larger than the smallest size booth space.

#2 Plan in Advance

Custom Trade Show Hanging Signs do require extra time to design and build, so make sure to plan ahead and give yourself plenty of time.  Check your Exhibitor Manual for the shipping dates for Hanging Signs and work backwards to find the different dates for creating a simple timeline for production.  Our Custom Trade Show Hanging Signs take between 2 ½ weeks to 4 weeks to produce depending on the complexity and scope of the project.  The more time to allow for planning the better so your project doesn’t feel too rushed.

#3 Be clear on your Custom Trade Show Hanging Sign goals

While it might seem like a good idea to add a lot of creativity to your custom hanging structure, keep in mind the main goal which is to maximize visibility.  Sure, it would be awesome to suspend a VW Bug over your booth space but the cost and logistics would make it extremely prohibitive.  Try to stick with using the industry standard materials such as the push-pin portable frame system with fabric graphics.  These materials are widely used and will make the process much less expensive to set up and rig.  Plus it will make it less likely the general contractor at the show will require an Engineer Stamp on your structure which also adds to the cost.

#4 Send An Email to Your Show Contact Prior to Build

I usually recommend sending a quick email to the contact person in charge of Hanging Signs at your show to tell them what you plan to do.  They will be able to provide you with useful information such as booth ‘set backs’ and if your planned show Hanging Sign will require any special needs such as a Chain Lift or Truss above your sign which also significantly adds to the cost of rigging.

These are just a few quick best practices that can help shape and influence your decision so you can optimize your budget when planning your Custom Trade Show Hanging Sign.  Make sure to check out some of our work on our Pinterest Board to get some ideas.

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    Large Rectangle Custom Trade Show Hanging SignCustom Rectangle Trade Show Hanging Sign.  Dimensions on this one are 48ft wide X 22ft wide X 6ft tall with Outside Printing and an Inside White Liner.  Push-Pin Tube Frame System utilizing a Truss System

    Rectangle Custom Trade Show Hanging Signs48ft wide X 18ft wide X 6ft tall Rectangle Custom Trade Show Hanging Sign with Rounded Corners.

    Custom Wave Trade Show Hanging SignsQty (3) 20ft wide X 6ft wide Wave Custom Trade Show Hanging Signs over booth at CES Show