New Design! 10X20′ Kits with Storage Space

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Unveiling the newly designed 10X20′ Booth configurations with innovative storage solutions. Businesses want to showcase their products and services, and trade shows are an essential platform to do this. Having the right booth design can significantly impact your success. This week, we are excited to introduce our newly designed 10X20′ booth configurations, specifically tailored for exhibitors in need of versatile storage solutions or changing rooms within their booth space. These configurations blend functionality, ease of setup, and customizability to enhance your trade show experience.

Our configurations offer a range of benefits:

Affordable Options: Whether you choose to rent or purchase, we provide budget-friendly solutions.
Easy Setup: With the ability to set up a 10X20′ space by just 1 or 2 people, convenience is key.
Pre-Installed Graphics: Our panels come out of the crate with graphics already installed, saving you time and hassle.
Reconfigurable Design: Adapt the booth for different spaces – 10X10, 10X20, or even 20X20 and beyond.
Customization: Utilize our 3D software for a completely tool-less experience and full-color fabric graphics.

10X20′ Panoramic H-Line Kit #D: Features a compact storage unit with shelving, a TV monitor, and a center console. Priced at $5,932 for rental and $12,898 for purchase, it includes a complete frame system, full-color fabric printing, and a wooden crate.

10X20' Panoramic H-Line Kit with Storage Room Kit #D

10X20′ Panoramic H-Line Kit #E: Ideal for inline spaces needing extensive shelving and a meeting area. Customizable with a rental price of $8,110 and a purchase price of $16,631, it comes with a storage unit, LED clamp lights, two TV mounts, a center console table with a shelf, a counter with a locking door, and a wooden crate.

10X20' Panoramic H-Line Kit with Storage Room Kit #E

10X20′ Panoramic H-Line Kit #F: Designed for booths requiring a storage closet and additional shelving. This customizable kit includes four lightbox panels and is priced at $8,328 for rental and $19,090 for purchase. It comes with a complete frame system, three shelving wall panels, and a wooden crate.

10X20' Panoramic H-Line Kit with Storage Room Kit #F

In conclusion, our new 10X20′ booth configurations are not just about creating a visually appealing space; they’re about providing practical solutions to enhance your trade show presence. With these innovative designs, you can create a booth that’s both attractive and functional, ensuring that your brand stands out and your team operates efficiently. Get ready to transform your next trade show experience with these versatile and customizable booth configurations.

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