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We just gave thanks for our holiday Thanksgiving. Next, we’ll be saying Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and more before ushering in the new year of what may be the best and busiest exhibition season ever!

As our customers and exhibitors prepare for a new fresh wave of trade shows, we’re making some recommendations for portable and modular exhibits.

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The Merchandiser Exhibit Kits combine the functionality of shelving with an elegant and fully branded display that is ideal for many different environments from Trade Shows, Retail Locations, Pop Up Stores and in Offices. The one thing that sets this exhibit system apart from the many different options out there is the Merchandiser Displays were fully designed for the need to add shelves first and foremost.

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Exhibitors will often prepare their booth space with the expectation of being in a standard 10×10’ area. Since it is one of the more common square footage spaces, it only makes sense to prepare for that particular kind of space. However, many exhibitors lately have not just the 10×10’ booth space on their trade show calendar, but the 10×20’ booth space as well. Adding that additional ten feet is a decent amount of room to cover. And setup with display signage correctly.