New Project! 10X20′ Panoramic H-Line with Shelving

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This setup could not only showcase a vast array of products but also embody their brand with a professional, an eye-catching design. The Panoramic H-Line System, with its blend of style and functionality. Our latest project with glass expansion is a perfect example of how meticulous planning and design precision come together to create a trade show booth that stands out on the show floor.

Panoramic H0Line 10x20 with Shelving

From Concept to Reality: Building the Perfect Trade Show Environment

The challenge was to design a space that could comfortably accommodate a variety of products while ensuring that each item was displayed prominently. To achieve this, we utilized the Panoramic H-Line with custom shelving solutions and a central console that serves as both a focal point and a functional counter. This setup not only maximized the available space but also enhanced the booth’s visual appeal with full-color fabric printing that wrapped the entire exhibit, providing a 360-degree branding opportunity.

The structural design included side walls that added depth and additional branding areas to the booth. These walls, along with sturdy base feet, provided the necessary support for the shelving units, which were laden with products. To streamline transportation and setup, we engineered the booth to fit within a single wooden crate, ensuring that everything from the back wall to the counter could be easily shipped and assembled on site.

Panoramic H0Line 10x20 with Shelving

Economic and Practical Booth Solutions

Understanding the budget constraints and long-term needs of Glass Expansion, we offered both rental and purchase options. The rental option is priced at $6,777, while the purchase option came in at $15,092, providing flexibility depending on their future trade show plans. This package included the entire frame system with shelving and return walls, full-color fabric printing across the exhibit, a branded counter with a locking door for security, and the indispensable center console table.

Panoramic H-Line 10X20

Glass Expansion’s experience highlights how our Panoramic H-Line can be tailored to meet specific display needs, proving that your trade show booth can be as dynamic and innovative as the products you’re showcasing. Whether you’re renting or looking to purchase, our solutions are designed to impress and perform, ensuring that your brand is the highlight of any event.

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