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When we go to trade shows, we’re there for one purpose only. To draw as many people as possible into our booth and area, and to garner as much attention as possible (hopefully good attention). Trade shows gather as many people related to its industry as possible in one centralized location, the show floor. At that point, it’s the exhibitor’s job to execute its strategy to get those attendees into their booth. But within the show strategy, how can you leverage your booth’s design to help garner more attention?

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The best way to evaluate a new trade show display system for your company is in-person with someone that can explain everything and answer your questions. But it’s not always physically practical to see all of your options in one place not to mention the time away from your normal schedule if that means traveling. So what is the best way to gather all of the information needed before pulling the trigger on a new trade show booth?

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The Trade Show Hanging Sign Structural Integrity Statement is located in the Exhibitor Manual. This form is filled out by Exhibitors to indicate that their Hanging Sign is structurally sound and usually requires the signature of the Exhibitor or Trade Show Hanging Sign Builder. This post will go into detail about the purpose, and details that the show will require on this form.

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Your next show is barreling down the highway at 100 mph and you’ve got a million items still on your checklist before you head off to your show, but setting up your trade show display doesn’t have to be a dreaded task. By planning ahead and following some simple and basic steps, you can spend your time focusing on the things that matter the most…

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Exhibitors will often prepare their booth space with the expectation of being in a standard 10×10’ area. Since it is one of the more common square footage spaces, it only makes sense to prepare for that particular kind of space. However, many exhibitors lately have not just the 10×10’ booth space on their trade show calendar, but the 10×20’ booth space as well. Adding that additional ten feet is a decent amount of room to cover. And setup with display signage correctly.

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When the time comes to replace your older trade show display, it can be a challenge to figure out what exactly to do with all that hardware. β€œShould I just throw it all away?” is a question that is asked quite often, many times with a bit of hesitation in the voice. After all, that trade show display put in a lot of work. However, there are some safe and responsible alternatives you can do to dispose of that trade show display and upgrade to something more modern and fresh.