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For a long time, you had two frame options for trade show hanging signs (and none for backlit trade show hanging signs). The only backlit displays that have been offered in the past have been backwalls, towers, and counters. That’s changed now though. With some modifications and improvements, the tried and true SEG Frame System can now be used to make Backlit Trade Show Hanging Signs.

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Do I want a Trade Show Hanging Sign or a Tower? Now you don’t have to choose between just one or the other. We have two great ways to accomplish both. The request for a tower + hanging sign has increased lately as towers have gained in popularity and Exhibitors look to save money on set up and rigging fees at the convention. But is this even the right option for you? Let’s examine the pros and cons of each:

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Trade Shows are already expensive enough, so exhibitors are always looking to either trim costs or find ways to save money and maximize those trade show dollars. One area that we hear a lot of complaints about is with the hanging trade show signs and hanging from the convention center ceiling. The costs associated with set up, rigging, and take down are no doubt expensive, but there are some ways to still take advantage of this crucial branding real estate while still finding creative ways to save money. Here are our top 5: 

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The average hanging sign for your typical trade show does not actually require the use of a truss system to suspend the sign above your booth. Smaller signs sized up to 20 or 30 feet only need the usage of standard cable rigging. By using the cable rigging, the sign is connected from the hanging sign itself to specific points on the convention center ceiling. The top of the hanging sign that connects in this way can also be called a bridle. However, when it comes to making as big of an impact as you can, you want your sign to, quite literally, tower above the competition.

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When getting ready to set up your trade show hanging sign, there are a variety of factors to consider. On top of getting the sign ready to your specifications and considering custom sizes and shapes, there is the ever-present question of “how high should my trade show hanging sign actually be?” The process for getting your trade show hanging sign up is simple and either requires you to fill out a hanging sign labor form or to notify show personel how far off of the ground you would like your trade show hanging sign to be

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Quite often, we get asked numerous questions about engineer stamps. These inquiries range from “what exactly is an engineer stamp for trade show hanging signs” and “is having an engineer stamp for my trade show hanging banner a necessity?” In this article, we will attempt to shed some light on the topic of engineer stamps and hopefully provide more clarity on whether purchasing an engineer stamp is the right next move for you and your trade show exhibition career.