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Trade shows are all about making a lasting impression, and one of the most crucial elements of your booth is the counter. It’s where interactions happen, products are showcased, and deals are made. Understanding this, we’re thrilled to introduce our latest range of Super Sturdy, Built-to-Order Trade Show Counters, now available in four different standard sizes. These counters are not just pieces of furniture; they are designed to be the centerpiece of your trade show presence.

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Creating an engaging and functional trade show booth, it’s a must that every detail counts. One of the key elements that can significantly enhance your booth’s appeal and utility is the counter you choose. That’s where our range of InfoDesk Portable Counters comes in – offering a variety of shapes and sizes to suit any booth, from the compact 10X10 to the expansive 20X20′ and beyond. Maximize your trade show presence with versatile InfoDesk portable counters

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In the last couple of posts, we’ve discussed some of the very best trade show exhibit kits for 10 x 10’ and 10 x 20’ booth sizes for 2024. In this post, we’ll take a closer look at some trade show counters that are portable and modular for your 2024 shows.

There are countless quality trade show counters available, but which ones are the best fit for your particular needs?

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In the “old days” there used to be a limited number of portable counters available but the WaveLine Info Desk Counters have broke the mold on the traditional 4ft and 6ft counters. We now stock the full line of WaveLine Counters that have the most extensive range in sizes available on the market as standard sizes. These counters now reach a staggering 18.5ft wide at the largest model and every size in-between. Now your options are seemingly unlimited for your next trade show, marketing event or even at car dealerships, hotels, airports and more!