Best Trade Show Exhibits with Shelves

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If you’re one of the many companies whose goal at trade shows is to showcase and display your products, then you’ve probably needed to get some sort of trade show exhibit with shelves to merchandise your products.

Up until recently, we’ve noticed that it’s been hard to find a good, portable exhibit that has shelving for products.

But also, that it’s been equally hard to find a display system that does that, but also looks professional and modern.

So, we’ve decided to create this post devoted to exhibitors who are looking for different exhibit shelving options on a single page.

Here are some trade show exhibits with shelves that are designed for those exhibitors:

The Merchandiser Exhibit with Shelves

The first option is going to be the Merchandiser Exhibits with Shelves.

As you might have guessed by the name, Merchandiser displays were specifically created for exhibitors looking to showcase or display their products.

They’re designed with portability and quick set up times in mind, but also feature adjustable shelving to hold as little or as many products as you want depending on your booth design, strategy, and product offerings.

 And the next best thing about the Merchandiser Displays is that they’re adaptable to any size booth space. This means that you can have a 10×10, 10×20, 10×30, etc. setup that are all compatible with each other.

If you get a booth set up for a specific booth size, you’re not locked into that space with this system. You can easily reconfigure the displays to fit into a smaller or larger display by adding or removing displays.

For a more in-depth view on how exactly the Merchandiser Shelving Exhibits are designed and assembled, take a look at this blog post.

best trade show exhibit shelving merchandiser options

Additionally, the Merchandiser display line really takes off when you start bringing in the different add-ons and accessories that it offers such as TV Monitor mounts, garment racks (hooks or crossbars), and full-color single- or double-sided printing.

Waveline Exhibits with Shelving

Waveline exhibits are also a great option when comparing different trade show exhibits with shelves.

With a “Waterfall” shelving addon, you can turn a regular Waveline back wall or display into a portable, modular merchandising exhibit display that looks and works great.

best trade show exhibit shelving waveline waterfall

These waterfall displays come available with either full or half single- or double-sided printing on the unit itself which lets you add your branding or product information directly behind your products on the addon waterfall shelving graphics.

And, similarly to the Merchandiser displays, you can customize the look and feel of your booth thanks to the ultimate modularity of the Waveline display system. You can add displays such as headers that go above your back wall panels, towers, case-to-counters that come standard with many of the displays, and of course you can add in some extra graphics that you can swap out from show to show for a different feel.

Formulate Master Series

Another great option for trade show exhibit shelving is the Formulate Master displays.

If you had both the Waveline and Formulate Master displays in hand you would find them very similar in that they both have push-pin tube frame systems with pull-over fabric graphics.

But where they differ are their stand-off shelving options.

Formulate contains many more options for their standoffs including different styling and shape options for the unit itself along with the usual different options for TV monitors, shelves, etc.

best trade show exhibit shelving formulate master standoff options

Looking forward

This is really the beginning of the different portable and modular products available for exhibitors to merchandise and displays their products.

We 100% expect more fully portable shelving exhibit systems to start making their way into our store and the market in general in order to make merchandising your booth easier than ever.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please give us a shout below!

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