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Trade Show Counters with Locking Door- All Sizes 3

Trade shows are all about making a lasting impression, and one of the most crucial elements of your booth is the counter. It’s where interactions happen, products are showcased, and deals are made. Understanding this, we’re thrilled to introduce our latest range of Super Sturdy, Built-to-Order Trade Show Counters, now available in four different standard sizes. These counters are not just pieces of furniture; they are designed to be the centerpiece of your trade show presence.

Versatility Meets Functionality

Our counters are portable and built to cater to all your trade show needs. Be it as a reception counter welcoming your guests, a product demo counter showcasing your latest offerings, or a functional workstation for your team – these counters can do it all. Available in four different sizes – 2ft, 4ft, 6.5ft, and 8ft wide – each option is tailored to suit different space requirements and functionalities. From the compact 2ft wide counter, perfect for smaller booths, to the expansive 8ft wide counter, ideal for larger exhibits, we have a size to fit every need.


Customization and Security – Designed with You in Mind

Each counter size comes with rear locking doors and mid-shelves, combining ease of access with security. The locking doors ensure that your valuables are safe, while the mid-shelves offer additional storage space. What sets our counters apart is the ability to customize them to your brand’s unique style. You can choose from five different counter top laminate finishes – white, black, wood, metallic, and granite – and we offer full-color front and sides printing on a robust 6mm Sintra board.

8ft Trade Show Counter with Locking Doors (front and back)
Front and Back View of an 8ft Trade Show Counter with Locking Doors

Details that Make a Difference

We’ve thought of everything to make these counters as functional and user-friendly as possible. Features include cable management to keep your space tidy and professional, and each size comes with its own transportation solution. The 2ft counter includes a hard travel case, while the 4ft, 6.5ft, and 8ft counters are accompanied by a wooden crate, ensuring your counter is protected during transport.

In conclusion, our new range of Trade Show Counters is designed to elevate your trade show experience. They blend seamlessly into your booth’s design while offering the functionality and security you need. With these counters, engage with your audience more effectively and create a memorable presence at your next trade show.

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