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WaveLine Series B 20x20ft Exhibit Kit 01 Left
WaveLine Series B 20x20ft Exhibit Kit 01

Optimizing Trade Show Presence with Cost-Effective, Versatile 20×20 WaveLine Booths

In the competitive world of trade shows, on top of the list must be creating a standout booth, but often, the cost of building a large 20’x20′ or bigger exhibit can be a significant barrier. Addressing this common challenge, we offer a solution that not only minimizes costs but also maximizes functionality and aesthetic appeal. Our WaveLine displays redefine what it means to have a cost-effective booth for your 20’x20′ space, ensuring it’s portable, modular, shippable, and storable.

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The WaveLine Advantage: Customization and Ease of Use

Crafted with lightweight aluminum frames and high-quality fabric graphics, WaveLine displays are designed for easy assembly and disassembly, catering to the needs of companies looking for both convenience and impact. These displays allow you to customize the design, layout, and accessories, tailoring your booth to fit your brand’s unique needs and preferences. With the 20×20 WaveLine Custom Booths, you not only create a visually stunning and professional display that attracts more visitors and generates leads, but you also benefit from significant savings on shipping and storage costs. The entire booth packs into a compact case, offering unparalleled portability.

WaveLine Series B 20x20ft Exhibit Kit 01 Front

A Comprehensive Solution: The 20x20ft WaveLine Custom Configuration

Our full booth kit for the 20×20 space includes:

(2) WaveLine Panel G with Double Sided Graphics
(2) WaveLine Panel E with Double Sided Graphics
(3) WaveLine Panel D with Single Sided Graphics
(1) T-Mount Monitor Mount
(3) CA600 Hard Travel Cases
(2) CA600 Custom Graphics

WaveLine Series B 20x20ft Exhibit Kit 01 Overhead

The kit’s versatility extends to different booth sizes. It’s adaptable for 10X10 or 10X20′ spaces, with the WaveLine Media Panel G even fitting an 8×8 booth. Offering both single-sided and double-sided graphic options, these panels can be customized for various booth dimensions.

Portability and Practicality Combined

One of the key features of the WaveLine Media Panel System is its ultimate portability. Everything can be packed into the included CA600 Case-to-Counters and shipped via standard UPS or FedEx. The hard cases come with wheels, making transportation effortless.

In conclusion, the WaveLine display system offers a practical, visually appealing, and budget-friendly solution for exhibitors facing the challenge of creating large-scale booths. Whether it’s your first 20×20 exhibit or you’re a seasoned exhibitor, the WaveLine system provides a flexible, professional-looking all-in-one exhibit solution that’s sure to make your booth stand out at any trade show.

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