Adding a Giant Trade Show Hanging Sign in your Booth

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Nothing stands out more than a giant, humongous, trade show hanging sign over your booth space. The visibility and attention your booth and brand get can pay for the investment many times over when done right.

But there are a few important things we’ve learned along the way to make the process go much smoother and avoid some potential pitfalls.

#1 Plan with Plenty of Time

It’s one thing to order up a standard size and shape hanging sign, but it’s a completely different process and timeline when we’re talking about a mega custom hanging sign. The times can double or triple, and there are more hoops to jump through.

Give yourself plenty of time and then pad it with even more time. 😊 I would start the process 4 to 6 months before you actually need it for your trade show.

18ft wide X 9ft wide X 4ft ta…gle Trade Show Hanging Signs
Qty 3- 18ft wide X 9ft wide X 4ft tall Rectangle Trade Show Hanging Signs

#2 Contact the Show about Your Large Trade Show Hanging Sign

You want good information provided directly from the show organizer or contractor for details such as how big your hanging sign is allowed to be. Are there any obstructions like roof columns or setbacks? Make sure you’re allowed to have the size sign you’re thinking of and preferably get this information in writing.

This is also a good time to get a quote or ballpark estimate on the cost for setup and rigging fees. Chances are the show contractor will want to have their labor set up the sign before it gets rigged. Try to get an estimate on labor costs for this.

48ft wide X 18ft wide X 6ft tall…ng Sign with Rounded Corners
48ft wide X 18ft wide X 6ft tall Large Trade Show Hanging Sign with Rounded Corners

#3 Plan out Your Giant Custom Trade Show Hanging Sign

Now that you’ve talked to the show and told them your plans, decide what size and shape you think is the best fit for your show. Sure, maybe you have a 50 ft x 60 ft wide booth space, but do you need to use up all of that size with your sign?

Maybe or maybe not. Ask yourself how this will play out with other booth sizes for future shows. Chances are you’ll want to use this sign more than once, so planning for future shows is important.

You may decide you want to do something unique and different like Add a Trade Show Hanging Sign to a Tower for your show.

60ft wide X 50ft wide X 6ft tal…tom Trade Show Hanging Sign
60ft wide X 50ft wide X 6ft tall Custom Trade Show Hanging Sign

#4 Select Your Custom Hanging Sign Vendor

Make sure you select a company that has experience with making and producing custom trade show hanging signs. It’s important they are constructed right and they use industry-standard materials. Make sure the vendor has the ability to produce the big stuff and the warehouse space to set up and quality control the finished product. In some cases, it makes sense to use a Truss System with your Hanging Sign for lighting or to support the weight and evenly distribute it.

Custom 48ft wide X 22ft wide X …gle Trade Show Hanging Sign
Giant Trade Show Hanging Sign using Truss

#5 Protect Your Custom Trade Show Hanging Sign

A standard size trade show hanging sign can usually ship in a soft travel bag or cardboard box. A large custom hanging sign may require multiple boxes on a pallet that is then shrink-wrapped. Or better yet, stored and shipped in a wooden crate for maximum protection.

I highly recommend shipping as an entire pallet or crate, rather than individual boxes since if one box gets lost, then your new beautiful giant sign is worthless.

Lastly, maintain good communication with the show. They may require additional information, such as a schematic, Structural Integrity Statement, or even an engineer stamp to demonstrate structural integrity. They will need extra details from you like how high from the floor do you want your Trade Show Hanging Sign to be.

That last mile before it gets strung up is an important one, so making sure you’ve provided all the requested documentation will get you one step closer to a successful show with your new sign. Of course, if you need a quote for your big trade show hanging sign, drop us a note and we’ll be happy to help with your next event!

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