Ordering Electricity in your Booth for a Backlit Display

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At most trade shows, you can typically order electricity for your booth in order to power your electronics, provide lighting, and run the internet. But exhibitors who plan on having a backlit display, whether it be a backlit wall, backlit tower, or backlit counter, will need to make sure there is adequate power available to run everything.

Too much power and you may be overpaying. Too little power and your devices or lights may shut off. By doing a quick calculation you can arrive at a guesstimate for the amount of power you can order from the show.

Let’s use one example to help illustrate this. Suppose, in addition to a laptop, TV monitor, and phone charger in your booth, you will also have a 10’ WaveLight Backlit Wall Display.

10ft WaveLight Backlit Display
Backlit Trade Show Wall

For starters, the backlit wall has 4 rungs of LED Ladder Lights. Each set of ladder lights is powered by a 400W transformer.

Now you may be thinking, “Okay, great. The quantity of 4 x 400W transformers equals 1,600W plus, let’s say, another 400W to power the other electronics, like the computer. So 2,000W should do it.”

But this isn’t particularly accurate.

You may not need a full 2000W to provide sufficient power. You see, while each transformer may be rated for 400W, it doesn’t mean it will actually run 400W.

10ft Infinity DNA Pro Backlit Wall Transformer View

Using our 10’ WaveLight Backlit Wall example, each LED Ladder Light rung draws about 200W—about half of the transformer’s capability.

So let’s assume each transformer is drawing 200W X 4 = 800W. You may be just fine with ordering 1000 watts for your booth. Or if you think you may exceed that, then the next package up from that.

But essentially, you want a rough estimate of the power consumption of all your electronics. One trick is to buy an inexpensive power meter and plug it in to tally the results. That way you will know how much order.


Electricity at the show is expensive— so is Internet—so it’s important to get an accurate accounting of your total energy needs.

Taking these simple steps will help prepare you for your next trade show.

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