5 Ways to Keep Your Trade Show Hanging Sign Costs Down

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Trade Shows are already expensive enough, so exhibitors are always looking to either trim costs or find ways to save money and maximize those trade show dollars. One area that we hear a lot of complaints about is with the hanging trade show signs and hanging from the convention center ceiling. The costs associated with set up, rigging, and take down are no doubt expensive, but there are some ways to still take advantage of this crucial branding real estate while still finding creative ways to save money. Here are our top 5:

Don’t Hang Your Trade Show Sign

Seems counter-intuitive right?  Well, some creative exhibitors not only have innovated some hanging sign options that are free-standing on the ground, but other display manufacturers took notice and innovated some fancy solutions that combine a trade show tower with the hanging sign to make a hanging sign tower.  The Blimp Towers are an example of an inexpensive tower combined with the top round signage that does not require any rigging.  Your own team can set it up in less than an hour and avoid costly labor and rigging fees. 

Use Artwork and Logos that Don’t Need to be Changed

Another important point during the planning process for those that still want to use the traditional Trade Show Hanging Signage is to use artwork and logos that will be long-lasting.  Using your basic company logo is something you most likely won’t have to change for a long time unless your company is planning on updating your design assets.  By sticking with designs that don’t need to be updated based on for example, season, individual products, etc, you can make your sign last much longer and cut down on replacement graphic costs.

Pick a Size and Shape Trade Show Hanging Sign for ALL your Booth Sizes

I have see some Exhibitors make the mistake of choosing a hanging sign that is perfect for one size booth, but too large for future shows.  In this instance, they have to buy two different signs. If they have a 20X40′ booth space and they get a custom hanging signthat fits the perimeter of this size booth, it will be too big for smaller size booth space like a standard 20X20′ Island Booth Space.  This is just another way to try and maximize your booth space along with your hanging sign.

Take Advantage of Early Bird Discounts for Labor and Rigging

Another part of the planning process is getting your order forms in not only on time to avoid costly late fees, but really planning ahead and taking advantage of early bird discounts.  Many shows will offer an incentive to companies if they submit their order by a certain date which is usually far out from the start date of the show.  They do this so they can avoid a last minute rush from the hundreds or thousands of exhibitors but also so they can book out in advance of the show which helps their planning process as well.  Make sure to ask about these early bird specials so you don’t miss out on an opportunity to save money.

Boost Longevity by Taking Good Care of your Trade Show Hanging Sign

This one may seem obvious, but none-the-less it is an important part of saving time and money.  Taking care of your hanging sign and storing it in a safe place will help prevent loss or damage.  Additionally make sure it is well insulated during shipping to avoid damage during transit.  If you have a stain on it, you can use a special fabric spot remover like Gonzo Fabric Cleaner for just that one particular location instead of having to clean the entire fabric.  The more your hanging sign is taken care of, the longer it will last and just like a car, the longer you can drive it the less it costs over its lifetime.
Have a great show and try to put some of these tips to work!


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