Hybrid Pro Modular Trade Show Display Kits

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For some exhibitors, there are times when your average portable backwall or popup banner stand just won’t fly. Every show is different, but you may have a specific trade show that’s your most important of the year—and average just won’t cut it.

Fortunately, a step up in look and appearance doesn’t have to be overly complicated or break the bank. Our Hybrid Pro Modular Kits are complete exhibitor solutions for 10’ x 10’, 10’ x 20’, or 20’ x 20’ booth spaces.

Hybrid Pro Modular Exhibit Kits

Each Hybrid Pro Modular Kit comes with full custom printed fabric graphics, modular frame systems, hard travel cases, and depending on the kit, in some cases, backlit, counters, TV mounts, and more.

These complete exhibit packages have been fully engineered and designed to meet your ever-changing needs. You can set them up yourself with help from your team, hire show site labor, or get a quote for outside contract labor from companies like ShoLink. Each order comes complete with in-depth setup instructions and supporting documentation, such as videos and links to photos of an installation.

As mentioned before, each kit includes hard travel cases or case skids to store and ship while keeping everything well protected and organized.

Hybrid Pro Modular Kit Options & Accessories

Our Hybrid Pro Kits have everything you need to make your next trade show super successful.

Want to ride the backlit graphics wave so your neighbor doesn’t outshine you? No problem, choose kit numbers to make your booth really stand out.

For shows where you need a solid counter, kit numbers will come with them included. Some counters have locking doors for the safe storage of devices, computers, and personal items.

There are even Hybrid Pro Kits with shelving options for booth kit numbers.

Finally, don’t forget the popular TV mounts for Hybrid Pro Kits, which are great for running demos, sign-ups, and much more.

Hybrid Pro Modular Counters

Some of the full Hybrid Pro Kits include counters, but if you’re looking for a substantial and sturdy trade show counter à la cart, then you can purchase these Hybrid Pro Counters individually to work with your own existing setup.

Custom Countertop Finish Options — For all counters, you can select from woodgrain natural, woodgrain mahogany, black, or silver laminate countertop finishes. Select the countertop finish that goes best with your branding and graphics.

Hybrid Pro Modular Kit Rental Program

All Hybrid Pro Kits are available for purchase, but remember how I mentioned that needs can change depending on your trade show? If you have one main show that’s the most important, then it may be worth stepping up to a more substantial custom trade show booth as a rental without having to purchase.

Our rental program includes all the hardware, but you still have to purchase the fabric graphics, which you then own if you ever wanted to rent the same Hybrid Pro Kit again. We coordinate all the logistics of shipping to the show and return information.

We also help refer you to our preferred rental installation and dismantle company, ShoLink, to arrange for labor setup. Get a complete trade show exhibit rental at a fraction of the purchase price.

Need renderings? No problem! If you give us plenty of time, we can also put together renderings to show you what it will look like using your own branding artwork. Again, make sure to allow for plenty of time, since renderings can take one to two weeks for each round of designs.


Hybrid Pro Modular Kits are a substantial trade show exhibit with that “custom look” appeal.

Available for purchase or rental.

These Made in the USA kits are top-notch quality and come with a lifetime warranty on hardware and one year warranty on the custom-printed fabric graphics.

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