Using a Truss System with your Hanging Sign

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The average hanging sign for your typical trade show does not actually require the use of a truss system to suspend the sign above your booth. Smaller signs sized up to 20 or 30 feet only need the usage of standard cable rigging. By using the cable rigging, the sign is connected from the hanging sign itself to specific points on the convention center ceiling. The top of the hanging sign that connects in this way can also be called a bridle. However, when it comes to making as big of an impact as you can, you want your sign to, quite literally, tower above the competition. This requires having a sign bigger than the aforementioned average, and this is where a truss system comes into play. For these kinds of signs that have larger dimensions and therefore are far heavier, the support system needs to be reinforced to be able to display the hanging sign correctly and safely. While the truss itself has cables that connect to the ceiling, the hanging sign attaches to the truss in order to be displayed.

When to use a Truss System

While the size of your trade show hanging sign is a factor to keep in mind when deciding when to utilize a truss system, there are a variety of other variables as well. Weight is one of, if not the single, biggest factor here. Considering that the cables are made to support a set weight, having a trade show hanging sign that is heavier than these conditions could not end up well. Using a truss system for a trade show hanging sign gives that sign the support it needs to be suspended above your exhibition booth without any worry of incident. As previously discussed, the size of your trade show hanging sign is also a key factor to think about. If your trade show hanging sign is larger or wider than the average hanging sign, using a truss system for the above average sign is optimal. A final factor to consider when discussing the usage of a truss system for your trade show hanging sign is if you will be employing any add-ons to the sign. For example, if you are looking to add additional lighting to the hanging sign, using a truss system can prove beneficial in this regard. With clamp lights, you can easily make this a reality. Simply clamp the lights on the truss system and position them in a way that shines down on the hanging sign itself. In this way, you can still use your larger trade show hanging sign and make sure the spotlight is constantly on your brand.

Advantages to Using a Truss for your Hanging Sign

When it comes to using this truss system for you trade show hanging sign, it is not all about necessity. While size, weight, and additional highlighting options are all characteristics to consider, using a truss system in conjunction with your trade show hanging sign has numerous advantages and benefits as well. With a truss system suspending your sign, you are guaranteed much more even support than you would going the traditional route of just cables. Since the center beam is supporting the tubular frame rather than the frame being suspended, the level of uniformity for your trade show hanging sign is unmatched. In addition, the truss system prevents your trade show hanging sign from drooping. While this may seem like a minor point to some, a drooping hanging sign can signal to some a sloppy or unprofessional company, since this is the image they are choosing to use for themselves and their marketing. Keeping your trade show hanging sign neat and even puts forth a polished tone for your brand. To amplify a previous point, advantages of using the truss system adds that extra support you need to have a bigger sign in the first place, thereby making your brand seem bigger and better than the rest. Finally, using lighting for your large trade show hanging sign is made easy and simple with the use of a truss system, and is another method for making your trade show hanging sign and therefor your brand stand out throughout the exhibition air space.


In short, utilizing a truss system for your trade show hanging sign at your next exhibition can prove to yield a variety of benefits. While many of these do include safety purposes, they also serve to your advantage as a trade show exhibitor. Whether it is giving you access to the larger hanging sign you desire, or allowing you to display your trade show hanging sign with more lighting to highlight specific aspects about your brand, a truss system could be the method by which all of these are achieved.

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