How High Should Your Trade Show Hanging Banner Be Off the Floor?

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When getting ready to set up your trade show hanging sign, there are a variety of factors to consider. On top of getting the sign ready to your specifications and considering custom sizes and shapes, there is the ever-present question of “how high should my trade show hanging sign actually be?” The process for getting your trade show hanging sign up is simple and either requires you to fill out a hanging sign labor form or to notify show personel how far off of the ground you would like your trade show hanging sign to be. While there is no fixed height requirement exactly, there are some guidelines and tips that can steer you in the right direction and can aid you in making the decision that will work best for your unique trade show hanging sign.

The Hanging Sign Labor Form

When it comes to filling out the hanging sign labor form in regards to your trade show hanging sign, you will be asked to answer a handful of questions about the exact specifications of the hanging sign itself as well as what you are looking for in terms of how high off the ground it will be. The second question here is important, as you do not want your trade show hanging sign to be competing with other trade show signage that utilizes vertical space such as towers, but you may also not want it to be so high that spectators from below might have a difficult time making out your marketing message. A solid recommendation is to have your trade show hanging sign between 14 feet and 15 feet off the ground. This estimated space is between the floor itself and the bottom of the trade show hanging sign. A reason why this order form is given out in the first place is so the convention has a good idea about what you are doing with your booth space. This kind of information also allows the show organizers to see if your requests can be permitted within the exhibition space itself. While the aforementioned heights are a good place to start, it should be noted that these are just recommended guidelines. However, most convention halls should be able to accommodate your needs, especially if they are not out of the ordinary.

Plan On Having Someone Be At Your Booth For The Rigging

While this is not a necessity, having someone to act as your representative when the trade show hanging sign is going up is highly recommended. While it does not have to be you specifically, having some kind of presence there that is able to make last minute decisions and confirm or deny specifications on behalf of your company or brand is an excellent call when your trade show hanging sign is being rigged. On top of making sure the trade show hanging sign looks excellent once it is suspended above your booth, having someone there to oversee the process can also potentially aid your budget, since that representative can help keep track of overall labor time. Since you are being billed for that time, having someone there that can testify that the on-site laborers were actually there in the time quoted can ensure that you are not overpaying for their services.


While the above are also useful tips for guaranteeing that your trade show hanging sign gets hung up in a professional and efficient manner, you are more than welcome to take creative liberties with some of the figures. Do you want your trade show hanging sign to be a bit higher than 15 feet off the ground? That is totally ok, as long as the convention space can accommodate you. However, the above mentioned guidelines come from years of experience, and we hope that our knowledge can benefit your experiences when it comes to getting your trade show hanging sign rigged up for your next exhibition show and make for a smooth journey.

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