Exhibitor Manual Explained: Hanging Sign Structural Integrity Statement

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The Trade Show Hanging Sign Structural Integrity Statement is often located in the Exhibitor Manual. This form is filled out by Exhibitors to indicate that their Hanging Sign is structurally sound and usually requires the signature of the Exhibitor or Trade Show Hanging Sign Builder. This post will go into detail about the purpose and details that the show will require on this form.

The Trade Show Hanging Sign Structural Integrity Statement is a way for the show to get some additional details about your sign to help them understand what they are dealing with once the sign is at the convention hall and ready for set up.

Information such as:

  • Size of the Hanging Sign
  • Weight of the Hanging Sign
  • Materials that the Hanging Sign is made out of (for example aluminum frame and fabric graphics)
  • If you have a fire retardant certificate
  • If it requires a truss system
  • If it requires electrical (for backlit lighting or rotating motor, etc)

This integrity statement helps the show understand if it requires any special accommodations and will work based on any possible obstructions in the booth (like a pillar), etc. Basically they want to know if this will be a standard trade show hanging sign that they have routinely seen over the years or if you are planning on doing something really unique like suspending a VW Bug over your booth (not that they can’t do it, but they sure would need to know a lot more about the project)

Common Information Requested on the Form

While each form can be different from show-to-show based on different general contractors, convention center requirements, etc, the information that is needed on the form is usually based on the following:

  • General Information- Your company name/ booth number/ contact information, etc.
  • Authorized Signature- A name & signature from an authorized individual from the company or Display House Builder.
  • General Set Up Instructions- Remember, the show usually requires that they be the ones to set up the sign before rigging.
  • Generic 3D Rendering- and/ or images of what it looks like. The more complicated the sign, the more images and information will need to be provided.
Structural Integrity Statement for Trade Show Hanging Signs
Structural Integrity Statement for Trade Show Hanging Signs

Other Important Information to Send the Show for Custom Signs

If you have a custom trade show hanging sign that requires more during the installation process, make sure to let the show know as soon as possible.

Here are some examples:

In some unique situations, you may be required to obtain an Engineer Stamp from an engineering firm where they come out and inspect the sign to determine it’s structural integrity and can make certain annotations to send to the show that provide an expert opinion to determine it’s hanging worthiness at a show that will have A LOT of people walking underneath it. Give yourself lots of extra time in these circumstances so that you aren’t rushed on something so important.

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