Merchandiser Exhibit Kits- Display with Shelves

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The Merchandiser Exhibit Kits combine the functionality of shelving with an elegant and fully branded display that is ideal for many different environments from Trade Shows, Retail Locations, Pop Up Stores and in Offices. The one thing that sets this exhibit system apart from the many different options out there is the Merchandiser Displays were fully designed for the need to add shelves first and foremost. Not only are these free-standing shelving units, but the modular design will allow you to mix-and-match for different spaces or booth sizes.

Merchandiser Exhibit Kit Configurations
Merchandiser Exhibit Kit Configurations

Merchandiser Display Features

Modular Display System

Mix & Match different Merchandiser shelving sections to create the unique size and display that is perfect for your booth size or retail location. Need one exhibit size for a 10X10′ booth size and another configuration for a 10X20′ booth size? No problem, easily re-configure for each need.

Need to go big (and tall)? No problem, the Merchandiser Exhibit System can reach a maximum height of 116″ tall! That is a lot of shelving solutions and lots of room for beautiful full color fabric graphics to add to your branding on a wrinkle-resistant material.

Ultra Portable for Shipping and Storage

The light-weight bungee connected poles allow for quick assembly and packs up into a travel bag or hard case for transporting to and from trade shows or anywhere else. Pack everything from the frame system, to the individual plexi shelves and graphics into one simple hard travel case that can convert to a podium for shows.

Merchandiser Exhibit Kits with Garment Bars and Shelving
Merchandiser Exhibit Kits with Garment Bars and Shelving

Merchandiser Exhibit Kit Optional Add-Ons

The Merchandiser Exhibit System has a lot of options to supercharge this shelving system into a full-functioning pop up shop or retail kiosk. Here are a few of the add-on options you can add to take it to the next level:

  • Add a TV Monitor up to 32″ with the Merchandiser Monitor Bracket
  • Add a Hard Travel Case-to-Counter Option using the CA900 Case
  • Add Garment Bars for clothing that can be hung and displayed
  • Add LED Lights to spotlight your products on the shelves
  • Add a Graphic Header which is perfect for logos or brands
Merchandiser Exhibits with Plexiglass Shelves and Monitor Mount
Merchandiser Exhibits with Plexiglass Shelves and Monitor Mount
Merchandiser Exhibit Kits Hard Case and LED Lights
Merchandiser Exhibit Kits Hard Case and LED Lights

As previously mentioned, the main feature of the Merchandiser Exhibit Kits is the wide variety of shelving. These display are perfect for companies that plan on bringing their product to the show and having a branded space to hold everything that can also be packed up and moved from location to location. Have questions about this system? No problem, send us a message below.

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