10ft Formulate Backwall with Shelving – Perfect for Your Next Event!

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10' Formulate Freestanding Shelving Unit - Front

Trade shows and exhibitions are busy arenas, filled with countless booths, all competing for the attention of wandering attendees. With so much competition, how can you ensure your booth grabs eyeballs and holds them? Enter our newest offering, the 10ft Formulate Straight Wall + Freestanding Shelf Kiosk Combo.

At its core, every successful exhibit display is a combination of form and function. Our 10ft Formulate Backwall offers both, allowing you to make a striking visual impression while also being immensely practical.

10' Formulate Freestanding Shelving Unit - Left

Why the 10ft Formulate Backwall is Your Next Essential Event Tool

Sturdy Construction: Crafted with a robust aluminum frame, this backwall guarantees durability. So, no matter how crowded the event, it will stand tall and unwavering.

Visually Captivating: The custom pillowcase graphics aren’t just a treat for the eyes; they’re also incredibly user-friendly. Designed for quick installation, they smoothly slide over the frame and secure with a zipper.

Shelving Galore: Often, exhibitors struggle to find suitable shelving for their 10X10′ displays. This backwall addresses that problem, coming equipped with shelving units that aren’t just sturdy but also offer plenty of space. Whether you’re displaying products or promotional materials, these shelves will house them perfectly.

Formulate Freestanding Shelf Kiosk
Formulate Freestanding Shelf Kiosk

Ease of Setup: No one likes fumbling around with complicated setups, especially during crunch time before an event kicks off. Thankfully, the Formulate Backwall is designed for swift, hassle-free assembly.

Versatile Utility: Beyond trade shows, this display is apt for various events, ensuring you get maximum bang for your buck.

GIF10' Formulate Freestanding

A Complete Booth Solution
Understanding the challenges exhibitors face, we’ve bundled the 10ft Formulate Straight Wall with a Free-Standing Shelving Unit to offer a comprehensive booth solution. This kit includes:

A 10ft Formulate Master Straight Backwall (with a hard travel case for damage-free transportation)
Two robust Freestanding Shelf Kiosks, each accompanied by its hard travel case.

OCL Case and OCE Expandable Case

In conclusion, if you’re on the hunt for an effective, eye-catching, and functional display solution for your next event, the 10ft Formulate Backwall with Shelving is a contender that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Make a lasting impression at your next event with this 10ft Formulate Backwall. Crafted meticulously with a resilient aluminum frame, this display is full of  functionality. The integrated shelving units! Whether you want to showcase your best-selling products or distribute promotional materials, these shelves have got you covered.

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