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Our Merchandiser Portable Shelving Exhibits are designed specifically for those needing a portable, versatile display that combines product showcasing with comprehensive branding. It’s a dynamic, flexible display solutions that not only capture the essence of your brand but also effectively showcases products. Ideal for industries ranging from apparel to consumer goods, these units offer the functionality of both shelving and garment racks, tailored to fit spaces as large as 10X20′ or as compact as 10X10′.

10ft Merchandiser Exhibit Kit front
10ft Merchandiser Exhibit Kit

Merchandiser Walkaround GIF
16ft Merchandiser Exhibit Kit
10ft and 16ft Merchandiser Exhibit Kit

Optimized Display Capabilities for Enhanced Engagement

The Merchandiser Displays stand out with their ability to adjust shelves vertically, allowing for customized product arrangement that can adapt to varying item heights or promotional setups.

Each exhibit includes:

  • A portable tube frame system anchored by steel base plates for stability.
  • Vibrant full-color fabric graphics that wrap around the display, ensuring your brand is seen from all angles.
Merchandiser 14

  • Frosted acrylic shelves that add a touch of elegance while being sturdy enough to hold up to 10lbs each.
Merchandiser Shelving

  • Optional top LED lighting to highlight your products and draw attention from afar.
  • A center rotating tower that not only maximizes branding height but also can be outfitted with internal storage and a zippered closure for added functionality.
  • For those looking to engage more directly with trade show attendees, the Counter Kiosks come equipped with TV mounts and locking storage, perfect for lead generation and on-the-spot presentations. The double-sided printed signage enhances visibility, making your booth the focal point of the show floor.
Merchandiser Add-On Accessories

Flexible and Easy to Transport

Understanding the need for mobility in trade show equipment, these displays are designed to be easily packed down into CA700 Case-to-Counters or shipped and stored in hard freight cases equipped with forklift slots. This ensures that transportation from one show to another is as hassle-free as possible, with options for both UPS and FedEx shipping.

Merchandiser Case-to-Counter

Moreover, for exhibitors who participate in multiple shows throughout the year or have varying space requirements, the modular design of the Merchandiser Exhibits allows for easy reconfiguration. Whether you are setting up an island display or a peninsula, these units can be adjusted to fit different booth layouts, providing ultimate flexibility.

Additional Services to Enhance Your Trade Show Experience

We also offer long-term storage solutions in a climate-controlled environment, complete with freight logistics, for exhibitors who may not have the capacity to store large exhibit materials. Additionally, for those who need assistance with graphic design, our team is ready to help bring your vision to life, ensuring that your booth design is both functional and visually appealing.

The Merchandiser Portable Shelving Exhibits offer a perfect blend of versatility, functionality, and standout design. Whether you’re showcasing the latest fashion lines or a new product collection, these exhibits ensure that your brand is displayed prominently and professionally, helping you achieve your trade show goals and make a lasting impression on your audience.

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