Trade Show Displays for 10×10’ and 10×20’ Booth Sizes

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Exhibitors will often prepare their booth space with the expectation of being in a standard 10×10’ area. Since it is one of the more common square footage spaces, it only makes sense to prepare for that particular kind of space. However, many exhibitors lately have not just the 10×10’ booth space on their trade show calendar, but the 10×20’ booth space as well. Adding that additional ten feet is a decent amount of room to cover. And setup with display signage correctly. We are often asked, “are their options available that will work in both a 10×10’ space as well as a 10×20’ space?” Now, there is! With popular modular brands of trade show display signage such as TRIGA, Lumiere, and Formulate, you’ll be well prepared for any kind of booth space the convention may throw your way.

10×10’ and 10×20’ TRIGA Options

The TRIGA line of display products is well-known for quality and modularity and boasts a wide range of features. On top of the coveted tool-less nature, push-pin frame system and sturdy aluminum parts, you are already getting an excellent deal with TRIGA back walls and other signage bearing the TRIGA name. While there are a plethora of other benefits for using the TRIGA system, a key aspect to write in the “pro” column for TRIGA is that one TRIGA frame can be used for both the aforementioned 10×10’ and 10×20’ booth space sizes. Since the system is extremely customizable in this regard, you can also print graphics that can take advantage of this kind of versatile thinking. If you need to update your graphics to reflect changes within your company or new additions to your brand, fear not. Doing so with the TRIGA signage in your arsenal is next to effortless. The TRIGA system also boasts a variety of add-ons such as back wall shelving, television monitors, and more. In addition, purchasing all of your display signage within one company such as TRIGA will ensure that you are accomplishing “consistent branding” over all of your displays, guaranteeing a professionally uniform look for your booth. By combining a 10×8’ graphic and a 20×8’ graphic, you can easily have enough marketing materials to make the most out of whichever booth space you happen to be dealt. By adding or subtract materials to your TRIGA back wall, you can be prepared for either scenario.

10×10’ and 10×20’ with Lumiere Back Walls

When it comes to getting prepared for both the 10×10’ space as well as the 10×20’ space, Lumiere walls are another excellent option to consider. Given how simple, affordable, and versatile Lumiere displays are, it only makes sense to see how this style of signage compares to it’s siblings when it comes to different booth sizes. With Lumiere back walls, you actually have some more options than some of the other systems listed here, depending on the look you are trying to achieve as well as how customizable you want your display signage to potentially be. Given the square footage being discussed, one can easily utilize a pair of the 10 foot wide Lumiere back walls to achieve the long 20 foot size of the booth space. In addition, there is the option of purchasing 5 foot wide walls, and using those smaller walls to flank the previously established 10 foot wall that is available. The portability of this system makes planning for different configurations, spaces, and situations a breeze. In addition, the option to buy UV Backlit Fabric and have your back walls be back lit, should you desire that kind of effect within your booth space, is always a nice option to have.

10×10’ and 10×20’ Formulate Walls

With the previously discussed TRIGA and Lumiere lines of display signage, a little sprinkle of creativity needed to be injected into the formula to utilize those systems and address the predicament at hand. While these are still solid options and definitely worth taking a look at, the Formulate Master Series has an intriguing solution that not only makes a back wall meant for 10×10’ spaces work for 10×20’ spaces, but does so in a burst of style. The Formulate Master series has directly addressed this dilemma by creating a unique kind of “connector” for 10’ wide back walls that makes the entire configuration look completely seamless. With this kind of connector, you are able to take a pair of 10’ back walls (also known as the ones you may use for your 10×10’ booth space) and slip this connector panel in between them to create a 20 foot wide back wall. If this was not enough of an ingenious solution, the connector panel itself can have additional uses such as being equipped with a medium sized monitor to use as a presentation tool or for a slideshow of products and new features. The Formulate Master Series also boasts numerous styles such as accent pieces for the back walls as well as a plethora of curved options to take your back wall display to the next level. If this wasn’t enough, additional shelving, literature stands, and lighting options are also available for you to customize your booth as you see fit. In short, back walls within the Formulate Master Series are unique in their scope of options as well as their variety of styles, and can make for an excellent solution to this booth space size issue.


There has been a lot of talk at length about how to best approach the answer to the question of “are there options available that will work in both a 10×10’ space as well as a 10×20’ space?” In short, factors such as your available marketing budget, the kinds of signage you already possess, and how fast you are looking to purchase additional trade show display signage may all be components of which line of signage you choose. The TRIGA system presents simplicity on a budget, but the Lumiere back walls also offer backlit options. If that wasn’t enough on your plate, signage from the Formulate Master Series is making a big splash in the trade show arena with a wide variety of options, accessories, and creative solutions to choose from. If you are looking to amplify your arsenal with the above mentioned lines of trade show display signage, or have some additional questions before you pull the trigger on TRIGA, Lumiere, or Formulate back walls, do not hesitate to reach out to us at 866-398-5938.

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