How to Set Up a WaveLight Backlit Display

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One of the biggest selling points about the WaveLight Backlit Displays are that they are easy to set up… Really Easy! Like all displays, the first time you set one up, it is unfamiliar, but with some helpful guidance along with some pictures, the process will go that much more smooth.

You’ll want to make sure it is set up properly for optimal performance which includes making sure the LED Ladder Lights are hung properly and the graphic is put on without much trouble. This post will guide you through these details so that you will be well-equipped for your next show!

Step #1- Remove Everything from Hard Case and Lay Them Out

One of the first things I recommend is to take everything out of the CA900 Hard Travel Case that the Display ships in and lay them out on the clean floor so that you have a clear view of everything. This will allow you to reference each component and have all the parts right there in plain view and make sure everything is accounted for.

Step #2- Begin Assembling the WaveLight Frame

Next, being with setting up the WaveLight Frame. Each piece of the aluminum tube frame is labeled for quick reference so you know which end attaches to another end. Also, most of the main straight pieces are bungee-d together for fast assembly and makes for less guessing on how they attach.

I typically recommend setting up the frame on the ground first and then adding the feet before tilting up. It’s easier to build it on the ground first instead of trying to build it upright. Now that the feet are attached, go ahead and tilt up making sure the feet are perpendicular to the back wall for maximum stability.

Step #3- Connect LED Ladder Lights to WaveLight Frame

The LED Ladder Lights will come rolled and in their own carry bag. Be gentle with them and un-roll them and lay out on the floor. You will know the top/ bottom since the top has hooks (to attach to frame) and the bottom will have the connector plug for attaching to the power source.

IMPORTANT: Hook the LED Ladder Lights with the LED Lights Facing forward, BUT ON THE BACK HOLES (NOT FRONT). This is one step that if confused will produce hot spots if not placed in the right position on the frame. If you end up with it looking like the image below (on the left) with hot spots, you know the lights are on the holes closest to the front instead of the back:

The reason why it is so important for the LED Ladder Lights to be suspended from the rear is so they have enough room (2-3″) between the lights and the front of the graphic. This will allow it to ‘flood’ the inside of the unit with bright light producing a backlit lightbox effect. If the lights are too close to the front graphic it will create hotspots. Here is an example of the correct placement:

Proper Location to Hang LED Ladder Lights for WaveLight Display
Proper Location to Hang LED Ladder Lights for WaveLight Display

Lastly, the connectors at the bottom of the Ladder Light spin to either tighten or loosen. With the ladder lights in the right location, go ahead an spin those until they are tight.

Step #4- Add the Fabric Graphic

With the Lights in place, use a step ladder (or with help from an extra person to tilt the wall) to apply the pillowcase style graphic. It will go on starting from the top and will cover the front and back. Make sure the printed graphic is facing forwards and continue to slide the graphic down the frame gently sliding from side-to-side until it is all the way on.

There is a ‘relief’ zipper on the back side just above the large bottom zipper. Make sure this is unzipped for now.

Next, guide the wire connection from the LED Ladder Lights through the small grommet from the bottom of the back so it can exit through the back to plug into the power source.

Proceed with zippering the very bottom zipper and this will start to pull the graphic nice and tight. Once the very bottom zipper is fully zipped, go ahead and zipper the ‘relief’ zipper. If you find the bottom zipper is too tight, it might be because the relief zipper was closed first. Unzip the relief zipper to close the bottom and then zipper the relief one.

Relief Zipper for WaveLight Displays
Relief Zipper for WaveLight Displays

Step #5- Plug & Play!

Lastly, you will just need to plug the connection into the power source (also referred to as the tranformer) and plug the power cord into the wall or extension cord with power and that’s it! Your beautiful backlit exhibit is ready to impress!

The first time setting anything up can take some getting used to, but you will be ready in no time with the WaveLight Backlit Display Series.

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