Why an SEG Tower Might Be A Good Fit For Your Next Trade Show

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The SEG frame system is becoming very popular for tradeshows and exhibitions everywhere. This type of display has amazing versatility and can be used for virtually everything including back walls towers counters and unique custom structures. It’s amazing the different shapes and sizes that can be formed using this type of frame system but let’s take a look more specifically at the SEG towers.

Reasons To Use An SEG Tower

This type of frame system is great for exhibitors that plan on setting up their tower themselves or also utilizing show site labor. Each SEG tower comes with a set of instructions, hand tools, and the graphic representation of what the tower looks like. Each frame piece has a label or number that represents what piece attaches to another piece of extrusion. So you as the exhibitor really only have to find the numbers and match them together and then the structure start coming to life. Another great thing about the SEG tower is the ability to have a structure in your booth that stands very tall without having to use a Trade Show Hanging Sign. We’re seeing a lot of exhibitors move away from the hanging signs and instead using a tower to save on rigging and installation costs.

Features Of An SEG Tower For Tradeshows

As an exhibitor, I’m sure you’re always looking for different options that help improve your tradeshow experience. The SEG towers have the ability to hold a TV monitor. We have made configurations where there is a TV monitor on just one side, on opposing sides, or on all four sides of a quad tower. In addition, we are able to create shelving on the SEG tower. We will typically design the shelving so that it evenly distributes the weight going around each side. Lastly, and my most favorite is the ability to make these SEG towers backlit. It’s one thing to have a giant structure in your booth that grabs attention based on the sheer size and height, but it takes it to a whole another level when we make them backlit. It really makes the display pop and become visible from all directions. I really think that the extra cost pays off in the long run from such a great presence and his visibility that can be seen from all corners of a tradeshow floor.

Here at Production Prints, we have built a lot of SEG towers of all shapes and sizes including custom towers that also function as a changing room or storage room with a locking door on hinges. We have really built out the design process for making some unique structures that are not only functional but make a statement. For most companies, this is a one-time investment that can continue paying dividends for years to come.

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