Introduction to the SEG Frame System

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While the SEG Frame System (Silicone Edge Graphics) has been around for years, it has really picked up in popularity. And for good reason! This is a completely customizable frame system that is modular and easy to set up. It has a wide range of capabilities to make back walls towers and custom exhibits. It combines an aluminum frame structure that is used with full-color fabric graphics which is the perfect combination for a tradeshow display.

The Modular SEG Frame System

Exhibitors now have lots of options to design and create an exhibit that has a wide range of functionality to meet the booth needs. This means that there is a frame system like the SEG that can be used for virtually any purpose from back walls with shelving to changing rooms and beyond. This is all possible due to the unique frame system that has special connectors that can be assembled using simple hand tools or in many cases by using a completely tool-less connector. Many companies like the idea of being able to assemble this type of exhibit themselves or also having the option of hiring show site labor to assemble for them. The fabric graphics are finished with a silicone rubber strip that is stitched into the perimeter of each piece. The silicone strip then pushes into a groove on the frame piece. It allows the graphic to go right up to the edge on the frame so in many cases the amount of frame that is visible once the graphics are on is limited giving it a nice professional look.

Add-ons for an SEG Frame System

The ability to add a TV monitor, Slatwall, and shelving make this a bona fide system for exhibitors looking for a full-featured exhibit. This type of frame system can be used for a variety of booth sizes including 10 x 10, 10 x 20, 20 x 20 and beyond. We have also designed SEG exhibits that are used for different size booth spaces. It’s all about the planning and the more that we design for different configurations and booth sizes from the beginning the more functionality that can be added. We have even done large meeting spaces with outside graphics and graphics on the inside when you walk into the meeting room. It is pretty impressive what this type of frame system can accomplish. It all starts with a 3-D model and is literally built using our software to accomplish some really unique exhibits to help further your tradeshow brand.

As you examine the different frame systems that are available to exhibitors today you will certainly want to consider the SEG Frame System. In most cases it has the same capability as a hard wall booth and depending on its application the SEG system in all likelihood will even surpass a hard wall custom exhibit in many ways including the ability to make it backlit.

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