What Makes SEG Displays Different Over Other Fabric Displays

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As the SEG Display System becomes more popular and is adopted by more exhibitors, it’s worth stopping and taking a look at what makes this type of display system so popular. It’s certainly not the only type of fabric display that exists, but it does have some unique features that set it apart over some of the other traditional fabric displays. Let’s take a look at some of these.

SEG Frame System Can Be Customized for Different Configurations

TheĀ SEG Frame SystemĀ was designed and engineered to be modular, portable and able to create different structures. Each project starts out with the raw extrusion that is cut down the size just like building a house where you have lumber that is cut to create your project. This makes the SEG display system different than many of the other fabric displays that are more “Out-Of-The-Box”. We compared to another popular fabric display system like theĀ EZ Tube Displays, the EZ Tube system already has a set size and shape. So while these displays are great and work well for many customers they do not have the ability to add on or reconfigure the size or shape or anything else. It is “Out-Of-The-Box”. SEG frames also have many different connectors and fittings that give them a wide range of functionality. This is what makes the frame system so great for things likeĀ back walls,Ā towers, changing rooms, or evenĀ counters.

Silicone Edge Graphic (SEG) Extrusions

Visually, the unique Silicone Edge Graphic channel on the aluminum extrusion gives the SEG frame system its unique appearance. One of the key takeaways with the SEG frame system over other types of tension fabric displays, is the channel allows the fabric graphic to go edge to edge. So rather than the graphic going over a frame like a pillowcase, with the SEG frame system the graphic has a silicon strip that is stitched around the perimeter of each fabric graphic that pushes into the channel (or groove) and gives it a perfectly flat appearance. For many it is just a matter of preference on which type of look they prefer but in my opinion the edge to edge appearance of the SEG frame makes it look more like a wall and so it seems more substantial.

Making SEG Displays Backlit

My favorite functionality of theĀ SEG frame system is the ability to make them backlitĀ using LED lights. Now that we have done so many of these different types of SEG displays backlit it’s hard to go back. The lighting and overall look of the back wall or tower that is backlit is very impressive. There’s been a lot of development over the last couple years with SEG displays such as finding the right type of UV Backlit Fabric that makes this option really popular with exhibitors. There’s definitely planning involved when selecting the SEG displays to account for things like your booth space, how you plan on shipping it, storing it and setting it up at a show but it is worth the extra steps to take your display set up to whole new level. Take a look at some of our portfolio pictures and you can see some of the projects that started with an idea and came to life.

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