Backlit Trade Show Hanging Signs

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For a long time, you had two frame options for trade show hanging signs (and none for backlit trade show hanging signs):

A portable push-pin frame system that snapped together

Or a truss system for the really big hanging signs.

However, none of these could provide backlighting to the graphics effectively.

The only backlit displays that have been offered in the past have been backwalls, towers, and counters.

That’s changed now though.

With some modifications and improvements, the tried and true SEG Frame System can now be used to make Backlit Trade Show Hanging Signs.

Pretty neat huh?

Backlit Trade Show Hanging Signs Finally Making Their Way onto the Show Floor

Until recently, the SEG Frame System was strictly a ground-based system.

But now, thanks to a combination of innovations in backlit technology as well as new achievements in the production and manufacturing of the SEG (Silicone Edge Graphic) frame system, we’re able to provide backlit trade show hanging signs to our customers.

Ok, but why use the SEG frame system for a hanging sign?

Well, our customers have loved the SEG frame system in a “ground-based” state but always had to go to a different frame system that may or may not have let them fulfill their design scheme that they had in their booth.

What exactly lets you use SEG as a hanging sign now?

Specially designed brackets form the bridge between the hanging cables and the frame itself to create a solid, secure SEG hanging sign that’s show ready.

Advantages to Using a Backlit Trade Show Hanging Sign

You’ve probably walked through a trade show floor before and noticed all of the backlit displays being used right?

And you’ve probably also noticed the hanging signs that some booths had incorporated?

Now, imagine how visible a backlit hanging sign would be.

That’s the main appeal of a backlit hanging sign.

Some other advantages are part of being an early adopter of the system. You’ll be the one of the only, if not the only booth with a backlit hanging sign.

Since the base frame system is the SEG system, you can build just about any size or design that you could normally build with it. However, that also means you’ll have to stick to 90-degree angles (for now at least).

But, as long as you don’t go for a monster-sized, ninja warrior obstacle course hanging sign, you’ll be fine!

And, like its ground-based sibling, you can make the signs double-sided so you can display an “interior” and “exterior” design for the sign or a different design for each different perspective that your sign will be visible from.

Final Thoughts

Like most trade show jobs, you’ll want to give as many details as you can regarding labor and rigging to the company who is setting up your hanging sign.

They’ll ask for things such as weight, sides, images, instructions, and the appropriate signed forms.

If you do end up going with a backlit hanging sign, you’ll need to order electricity for the display’s lighting system.

The last thing you want is a non-powered backlit hanging sign!!

 Also, keep in mind that since your sign will be powered, there’s going to be additional rigging requirements, fees, and higher labor since it’s a custom setup.

Also, when you do pass along instructions to the setup company, you’ll really want to be as detailed as you possibly can. Because of the custom nature of these displays, any kind of changes, reworks, or repairs that come from improper setup or installation will be that much harder to repair when that sign is hanging up in the air.

But, with those things in mind, these backlit hanging signs can make a huge impact on your booth and company at your next trade show.

If you have something in mind or would like to discuss the possibilities of a backlit hanging sign, please fill out the form below to get in touch with us! We’ll respond with one business day with your options and prices for your next show and backlit hanging sign.

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