Peprotech – Trade Show 10×8′ Backlit Back Wall

Categories: Backlit Trade Show Displays
Production Prints had the pleasure of working with a longtime customer Peprotech. They recently had a show in Austin, Texas where they wanted a backlit back wall to be featured in their 10 x 30 booth space. A few months back we designed and created a backlit back wall that could be used for their 6 x 3 m space for a show in Japan. They really like that style of display and it worked out great for their show and so they were looking for a similar style back wall for their show in Austin that can be used in conjunction with their original backlit back wall.

In the past Peprotech has used a few different back wall setups but they liked the idea of switching to one that is backlit back wall because of the greater visibility. This particular show in Austin had a very narrow delivery window. So we needed to design and construct this backlit back wall within a certain time and then have it delivered on a particular day in Austin. One day too early and the center wouldn’t be open to receive it and one day too late would miss the setup day. So we decided to use a free courier where we had greater control over the delivery window. This option is about 30% more than using another type of less than load (LTL) freight service however due to the limited delivery time it was important to hit the bulls-eye. Everything arrived on time and in great shape for the setup to take place.

Another best practice that we made sure to follow for this particular project was to place everything on a pallet. Even though the back wall could nicely fit in a hard case and be ship standard UPS or FedEx it was important to us to place it on a pallet and use the courier service. This way everything stayed in place and we didn’t have to rely on just the hard case to protect the back wall frame. By placing it on a pallet it gave us additional protection against being dropped and these types of things. Placing items on a pallet is also great for multiple piece shipments. It keeps everything together while being shrink-wrapped. This greatly reduces any opportunity for things to go missing or get lost.

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