Zwift – 7.5′ X 7.5′ Lumiere Light Wall Displays

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We have done some cool displays for Zwift in the past but they were looking for some new stylish displays to feature at their new product launch of theirs in New York. They have some really great colors that are bright and highly visible that they wanted to really shine through at their event. After taking a look at a couple of options we settled on the Lumiere Light Wall Display since it is not only a portable display system that is easy for them to set up at the show themselves, but it is also a backlit display that will really make their colors and logo pop!

The first step we took was to print out a hard proof using their artwork with a particular PMS Pantone color. We wanted to do a test run and make sure that the color printed out properly before we did the full project. The next step we needed to do was to use the hard proof against the LED light to make sure that the color looked correct once it was backlit. This is a good step to take for many of the backlit displays since the color that prints out can definitely be different than the color that appears once it is backlit using LED lights. Once printed we mailed a copy to the customer for their approval.

Zwift also wanted something that was very portable so that they can take it from one event to another. They have many different dealers that carry their product and sometimes hold an event where they would come in and set up. So the display had to be something that was easy for one of their sales reps to set up in a short period of time and with little hassle. This was a job for the Lumiere Light Wall which has an accordion style frame. It simply expands and then locks in place. Next, the channel bars attach to the edges of the frame. These channel bars are what the graphic fits into. There is a silicone rubber strip that is stitched around the perimeter of the graphic that the silicone rubber strip then pushes into the channel bar getting a nice tight graphic appearance. The LED lights that are used to make it backlit are an LED ladder light system that connects to the frame and hangs down just behind the graphic. Once the transformer is hooked up to the ladder lights and plugged in it’s ready to go!

Lumiere light wall displays are perfect for events where you need to set up quickly but also be portable to use for different tradeshows, marketing events, etc. you can even use more than one Lumiere wall together and form different configurations by corner walls, return walls, or just extend the walls and make them longer. They can even take TV monitors! When they’re all set up and ready to go these displays are the perfect backdrop for taking branded photos with your team members, products, or employees to use on social media or to share with friends and family.

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