New Highly Portable Backlit Tradeshow Display: WaveLight

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The new WaveLight LED backlit tradeshow display is making quite an impact. It is a turnkey system with LED lights, transformer, portable frame, and of course a full dye sublimation fabric graphic. It is the first of its kind to use the portable pushpin aluminum tube frame has a backlit display. Up until now, the popular pushpin frame has only been available for non-backlit displays. However, the new WaveLight has changed that. With a couple of innovations such as LED ladder lights that can fit in a narrow space, pushpin connectors, and improvements on dye sublimation or backlit fabric this display has now created an opportunity for exhibitors to have a very portable backlit display.

The WaveLight backlit displays are starting out with sizes that are 3ft, 5ft, 8ft and 10ft wide. Each 8 feet tall. These displays can be set up in a matter of minutes with one person or two. The frame goes together it without the use of tools and each piece is labeled so you know which goes where when setting up. Next, the roll of LED ladder lights gets attached to the top of the frame and unrolls down to the bottom of the frame where there are hooks that attach to secure it. Next, the graphics slip over the frame and zips up along the bottom. Once that LED ladder lights are plugged into the transformer it is ready to go.

We’ve already seen exhibitors have a tremendous amount of success using this new type of display. They can be used in different booth sizes and mixed in with other existing exhibits. We even have exhibitors that use the WaveLight displays at their office in between shows. It’s nice to see that we’re finally at the point where the innovation has caught up with the requests of exhibitors and at a price point that is very reasonable. What will they think of next?!

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