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The Waveline Monitor Stand is designed specifically for exhibitors. Weighing only 17lbs (not including tv monitor) and designed for quick assembly, this free-standing TV Stand is perfect for on-the-go exhibitors to add a tv monitor to their booth.

The Assembly and Set Up

The Waveline Monitor Stand is built using a 2-piece aluminum pole frame system that attaches to a babble base that can be filled with water for extra stability in windy or turbulent conditions.The VESA mount is adjustable and is designed for any modern TV set up to 55″ or 44lbs. Set up takes just mere minutes.

Additional Waveline Add-ons

Looking to supercharge your TV monitor stand? Choose from a range of add-ons and accessories to amplify your TV stand. The bubble base can be branded with a fabric wrap with your company colors or logos.

Turn the TV stand into an interactive kiosk with a black or clear keyboard shelf. Sign attendees up right on the spot or present a demo using a keyboard and mouse.

Send attendees home with literature using a medi literature rack that attaches directly to the stand. With dimensions of 8.5″ x 11″ (A4) you can use it for trifolds to full size catalogs.

As you can see, the Waveline TV Monitor Stand is not only versatile, but also protable as you travel from one trade show to the next. Use it at your corporate headquarters in-between shows. From your business to your booth space, this stand will bring a multi-media presence to boost results.

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