The Ever Evolving WaveLight Displays

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It’s been interesting to see the WaveLight Displays evolve over the last year.  Not only are they being adopted by a greater number of Exhibitors (check out some recent projects), but the innovative combination of backlit led displays and inflatables have taken on a whole new life of their own.

New Highly Portable Backlit Tradeshow Display WaveLight

The Beginning

At the beginning, the only member of the WaveLight family was the original WaveLight Back Wall series. This in itself was a huge breakthrough making it the most compact and thin backlit option on the market.  This enabled event marketers to take what used to be a heavy and complex backlit system and make it compact enough to fit in one hard case.  That special poly-knit blend for dye-sublimation was finally able to achieve the special backlit formula needed to maintain bright graphic images that stood out.

Round WaveLight Tower

Adding Towers & Counters

The next logical step was made with the addition of the WaveLight Towers and WaveLight Counters making it now a formidable collection of highly functional and attractive backlit exhibits. These were the first to feature the backlit + inflatable technology.  Using just one electric air pump, the towers and counters could be set up in literally minutes.

WaveLight Air Wall

Air Wall- first backlit inflatable back wall of it's kind

The next arrival came with the recently introduced WaveLight Air Wall.  The inflatable technology finally found it’s way into the back wall category.  Now the trusty backlit + inflatable combo is available for back walls (select sizes), towers and counters and even pre-designed configurations.  The WaveLight Kits offer a mix of non-backlit with backlit features giving you the best of both worlds while still keeping cost down.  The WaveLight Air Wall Kit 01 Package even includes the newly designed Air Podium which is backlit and inflatable.

WaveLight Casonara Backlit Display

Latest Addition- The Casonara

That brings me to the latest announcement which is the Casonara WaveLight Displays.  While the Casonara displays don’t utilize the inflatable technology, they are the first of their kind to bring about the push-pin frame combined with the SEG (silicone edge graphics).  Taking the super portable push-pin frame along with the popular silicone edge graphics + backlit.  It’s the triple threat in the trade show exhibit space that customers are definitely loving.  With the double-sided printing option along with printed sides (end caps), these back walls will work just about anywhere.  They work great side-by-side and at angles making different configurations to maximize your booth space or just to simply switch it up.

More on the way

With more to follow soon, the options are endless for new WaveLight innovations and possibilities in the very, very near future.

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