Casonara WaveLight Displays

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The Casonara WaveLight Displays are the latest backlit display option designed by Makitso. With style combined with functionality, these new class of trade show displays are able to deliver impressive results for Exhibitors with any booth size.

Casonara WaveLight Setup and Functionality

The Casonara displays use a combination of the push-pin tube frame system and the silicone edge graphics (SEG) system. This frame system snaps together in munutes without the need for tools. The LED Ladder Lights are suspended in the middle.

The specially formulated backlit dye sublimation fabric graphics connect on all sides for a truly 360 standalone display. You can walk all the way around this free-standing exhibit with big, bright beautifully backlit graphics on all sides. Choose from 4ft, 6ft, 8ft, 10ft, and even a full seamless 20ft Casonara Back Wall.

Different Configuration for Casonara Exhibits

The WaveLight Casonara modular exhibits work great side-by-side or at angles. Mix & Match to create your own configuration for a range of different booth sizes. Add a WaveLight Casonara Backlit Counter to make a complete and consistent branded booth.

With CA700 Hard Cases for storage and shipping, it will protect your investment for years to come. Have more questions about how this system can take your trade show exhibits to the next level? Simply inquire below or give us a call!

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