Different Types of Towers for Trade Shows

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When square footage is a key resource, utilizing it to the best of your ability is a necessary skill when putting together your trade show exhibition booth. Many trade show exhibitors are still not utilizing the vertical space in their booth, and instead are focused strictly on making sure counters and other horizontal display signage can fit correctly and will showcase their message to the audience. However, towers are an excellent way to not only include additional marketing messages, but also greatly increase your visibility without breaking your marketing budget on expensive shipping costs.

The range of towers one can use within their trade show booth has gone up, and we here have seen the amount of available towers grow. As such, we now have a wide selection of both portable as well as modular towers for you to purchase and use in your exhibition space as you see fit. Below are a handful of some of our more popular options for you to see just how expansive the tower signage market has truly grown:

Portable EZ Tube Towers

Portable EZ Tube Towers are excellent for those who are looking to invest in a simple tower for their booth display. The easy setup of Portable EZ Tube Towers is one of the factors that makes this product to desirable. Unlike other signage products that may have unique tools or require any kind of tool to assemble, Portable EZ Tube Towers don’t need such devices. In fact, Portable EZ Tube Towers are 100% tool-less. This is made possible by the incredibly simple push pin tube frame system, which allows the frame to be snapped together in around 30 minutes. After the frame is set up, all that is left to do is slide the fabric graphic wrap over the frame and secure it place. Portable EZ Tube Towers are truly that simple to setup and thereby will not require to you pay for any extra on-site labor and the like. This kind of tower is most useful for those who like to or can afford to set up their booth on their own or with minimal help, since the frame system does not require additional help. Portable EZ Tube Towers are also a lower cost option when compared to other kinds of tower displays, so if your marketing budget needs to be stretched to its fullest, then Portable EZ Tube Towers might be the solution for you. Furthermore, Portable EZ Tube Towers are available in different heights so you can produce the perfect look for your booth space. Whether it is an 8 foot high tower and a 10 foot high one, Portable EZ Tube Towers are the epitome of simplicity among the different kinds of towers you can purchase.

SEG Modular Trade Show Towers

SEG Modular Towers are part of the tried and true SEG series, and that brand name carries significant weight. The main factor that makes the SEG series of display products so useful is their highly modular nature. With SEG Modular Towers, one can easily create custom sized towers for their trade show booth space if the already large selection of sizes and heights is not to their liking. When it comes to standard sizes, the aforementioned range is indeed wide, with 6 feet tall at the lower end to 16 feet tall at the upper end. Coupled with tons of different width sizes, and you can easily have a perfect fitting display tower. However, having the added option of customizability that SEG products are known for is always a nice bonus.

Customizable sizes are not the only aspect that makes SEG Modular Towers so versatile. Additional accessories can also be attached to these towers to bring your marketing vision to the next level. Whether it is adding television monitors to display slideshows or demonstrations or special shelving to showcase products or new prototypes, SEG Modular Towers can be made to your exact specifications. Furthermore, they also have the option to become backlit. By turning your tower into a lightbox, you are able to envelope your trade show space in a gentle glow that will be sure to intrigue those passing by to come in and learn more about your brand or company. In short, SEG Modular Towers are an excellent choice for those who like having options, and are great for those who like to modify their booth space configuration from time to time.

TRIGA Modular Towers

TRIGA Modular Towers have a lot in common with their EZ Tube cousins mentioned above as well as their SEG kin. In fact, TRIGA Modular Towers seem to combine the best of both worlds when it comes to tower displays. TRIGA Modular Towers are completely tool-less like the Portable EZ Tube Towers, but also have a customizable nature similar to the SEG Modular Towers. The tool-less system translates into a very quick assemble time, which can take only a few minutes. The frame itself is made from durable aluminum, which will not only hold up under pressure, but the lightweight of the metal frame will save you on shipping costs should you need to send your TRIGA Modular Tower through UPS or FedEx. On top of these highly useful features, TRIGA Modular Towers have a patented tension system which is shared by all products in the TRIGA line. This system ensures that your bright, full color graphics will be taut and even across the tower, with no wrinkles or unwanted creases that may take away from the professional nature of your booth space. All of these features combined with the ability to reconfigure your tower to whatever size you desire makes TRIGA Modular Towers a definitive contender if you are seeking out additional towers for your exhibition booth space.


We are overjoyed to be carrying such a wide range of trade show display towers. With towers becoming such a staple in trade show booth displays, finding the right one for you can serve to greatly amplify your brand or company’s message. If you already have display signage in the SEG or TRIGA family, I would highly recommend checking out the one that matches your signage, since using a unified trade show display system for all of your trade show branding will create a sleek and professional look that will radiate from your booth. Whether the key features you are looking for include simple setup, modularity, or being able to stretch your budget, we have no doubt that we can aid you in finding the tower display that is right for you. If you have additional questions about tower displays, or are looking to jump in and order yours today, please contact us at 866-398-5938 or visit our website.

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