TRIGA Displays: The Truly Modular Trade Show Display

The TRIGA System Explained (PDF)

The Basics of the TRIGA Frame System (PDF)

Reconfigure the TRIGA System to Meet Your Ever-Changing Needs (PDF)

Introduction to the TRIGA Display System (YouTube Video)

The TRIGA Display System can be boiled down to one huge advantage over other displays: MODULAR

In my 10 years of experience with this wonderful display system, the ease of setup and ability to reconfigure based on different booth spaces is what sets this Trade Show and POS Display System apart from all the others.

Benefits of the TRIGA Display System

Fully Modular

As mentioned above, the biggest advantage to TRIGA Displays is the ability to plan for different size booth spaces using a reconfigurable frame and graphic setup. Let’s say for example you have a 10X10’ Booth Space for (3) Shows and (1) 10X20’ Booth Space at another show. We can design a Back Wall comprised of (2) independent 10’ wide X 8’ tall frames with (1) seamless 20’ wide X 8’ tall Fabric Graphic that flows from one frame to the next. When you have your smaller 10X10’ space, you will only use one frame with a different 10X8’ graphic (more on this later). This is just one example. You can apply this same modular capability of the TRIGA Display for all different booth sizes from small to large. Here is a link to an example of a sales sheet showing how to Reconfigure the TRIGA System to Meet Your Ever-Changing Needs, as well as a video called Introduction to the TRIGA Display System.

Fast and Painless Setup

The TRIGA Display is one of the easiest and fastest systems to set up. Save time and money by not relying on show site labor for the installation. The completely Tool-Less design allows for a quick assembly and the 4 Basic Components: Feet, Uprights, Crossbars and Graphic Rails that simply snap together. For a smaller Back Wall like a 10X8’, just one person can set it up themselves. Anything larger we recommend two people.

Easy to Reorder Graphics

With other types of Trade Show Displays that are tension fabric, you sometimes have to ship your frame back to the manufacturer when you want to reprint your graphics so that it fits properly. Not so with the TRIGA Displays. Using the unique and patented Tension System that is located on the horizontal crossbars, it simply pulls the fabric graphic on the top and bottom in opposite directions to apply the necessary amount of tension leaving your Back Wall, Counter, Tower or any other TRIGA product with a beautiful and professional look.

USA Made Durability

The Printed Graphics and TRIGA frame extrusions are made in the USA. We maintain the highest standards for each order from start to finish. TRIGA Displays that I have sold 10 years ago are still alive-and-well today and still making their rounds on the Trade Show circuit across the country and around the world. It is important to note that the TRIGA System is competitively priced and while you can find other options that are cheaper (even on our website) like portable pop ups, the quality and functionality will save you a ton of money in the future. Buy once and your future cost will be $0 (unless of course you later decide to update your artwork 🙂

Types of TRIGA Displays

TRIGA Back Walls

The really cool thing about TRIGA Back Walls is the ability to not only make an impressive Modular Back Wall Trade Show Display, but also make each section it’s own independant frame while the Printed Graphic flows from one frame to the next. From the back you can see each independent frame, but from the front, all you see is one continuous and seamless Back Wall. Here is an image of a job we did for a customer showing the backside of the 40ft Back Wall and here is a link to the front of the same 40ft Back Wall. When they use all 40ft, they take all (4) of the 10X8’ frames. When they only want a 30ft wall, they take (3) of the 10X8’ frames, and so on and so on… so that when they only want a 10X8’ Back Wall they only use one frame with it’s own 10X8’ Graphic finished for TRIGA.

TRIGA Towers

TRIGA Towers are a high-impact display option that is available in a range of widths and heights. They range from just 6ft tall all the way to 16ft tall! The same components are used for the Towers as any other TRIGA Display. While the cost of rigging a Trade Show Hanging Sign continue to rise, having a Trade Show Tower that still lifts your brand and can be found across the show floor makes it a popular alternative.

TRIGA Counters

What better way to compliment your TRIGA Back Wall and/ or Tower with a matching TRIGA Counter. The counters use the same basic 4 components as the Walls and Tower. The only addition to TRIGA Counters is the Counter Top which is available as an Acrylic black color or an Acrylic Milkplex white color. We normally cut these down in size for portability purposes so they can be shipped via UPS or FedEx. For example a 4X2’ TRIGA Counter is often cut in half to make (2) 2X2’ pieces for easy transport. In addition, counters are typically either an ‘Open-Back’ which can accept a Mid-Shelf for storage or a ‘Closed-Back’ option where graphics go around all (4) sides.

TRIGA Wall Mounts

For graphics mounted to a more permanent wall, we are able to use the same TRIGA crossbars and graphic rails. After making sure everything is level, the crossbars get screwed or bolted to studs or other sturdy wall access points. These are great for business office locations, showrooms or anywhere else you might want to have graphics mounted with the ability to update and change them over time.

TRIGA Optional Add-Ons and Upgrades

Here are some of the other options that can be added to a TRIGA Display order:

Soft Travel Bag with Wheels

All new orders come with a TRIGA Soft Travel Bag with Wheels unless you choose to upgrade to a Hard Travel Case.

Hard Travel Case with Wheels

Plan on shipping you display around and want extra protection? You may want to consider adding a Hard Travel Case with Wheels for maximum durability and protection.

LED Clamp Light

While lights may be an afterthought for some, adding LED Lights to you TRIGA Display (or any trade show display for that matter) are a great way to make a lasting impression and make your graphics bright. These are optional and can be added at any time, even years after your original purchase.


For TRIGA Back Walls and Towers, you have the ability to add a TV monitor to your display to enhance it’s functionality. We have two monitor mount sizes for Small Monitors and Large Monitors. Just remember that because of the nature of a narrow Back Wall footprint, we sometimes recommend adding Side Walls or back supports for structural integrity.


As you can see, there are not only a lot of options and display types to choose from, but there are also many benefits to the TRIGA Frame System that set it apart from many of the display options on the market. With over 10 years experience and hundreds of customers, there is no other battle tested Trade Show Display System that offers the simple tool-less set up with the unique ability to reconfigure the display for a truly modular display experience. I hope this was helpful and please Call, Chat or fill out the form above to receive additional information and pricing.

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