Top 10ft Trade Show Exhibits for 2024

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The new year is almost upon us. Once the holiday festivities are over, it won’t be long before the start of another busy trade show season.

This guide will be a good summary for exhibitors needing trade show exhibits for a 10 x 10’ booth space.

EZ Tube Straight Trade Show Back Wall
EZ Tube Straight Trade Show Back Wall

While there are lots of great options for exhibits that work for both 10 x 10’ and 10 x 20’ exhibits, you’ll find more options that work well for expansion to a 10 x 20’ booths in an upcoming post on the top 20-ft trade show exhibits for 2024. So stay tuned!

So let’s dive right in and break down the most popular options that can help make your 2024 show a big success!

Retractable Banner Stands

Having a great retractable banner stand in your toolkit for exhibit options is always a must.

The 36″ Silver Step Retractable Banner Stand is a great single-sided print option that has been one of our best sellers for years.

If you’re looking for a double-sided print option, check out the 33.5in Silverwing Retractable Banner Stand. This offers two separate printed banners and is perfect for putting in the corner of your booth space for visibility from two sides.

The other option for banner stands is the EZ Extend displays. While these are not technically retractable, they do break down, so they’re highly portable. The frame is a push-pin style frame system, and the graphic is a fabric, full-color dye sub print that slips over the frame in a pillowcase style. These look great and they’re often used to match fabric back walls.

EZ Extend Banner Stands
EZ Extend Banner Stands

10ft Trade Show Back Walls

An attractive 10ft back wall is still a must for any exhibitor in 2024. Not only is it a great opportunity to brand your booth space but it also covers the ugly pipe-and-drape that the show provides to use as dividers.

Some of our low-cost, economical 10ft back walls are the 10ft EZ Tube Displays. They’re also a push-pin tube frame system with a fabric full color graphic that pulls over the frame and zips up nice and tight.

EZ Tube Curved Trade Show Back Wall
EZ Tube Curved Trade Show Back Wall

A similar back wall to the EZ are the 10ft Essential Formulate Back Walls and 10ft Formulate Master Back Walls. The only difference between these two frame types is the Essential frames have top rounded frame corners and the Formulate Master has straight top corners. So just depends on the visual style you’re looking for.

Notably, the Formulate Essential and the Formulate Master Back Walls can have a freestanding TV monitor stand that will hold a TV up to 70 inches. These are a great option for you 2024 show when marketing demo reels and interactive options are popular for exhibiting companies.

10ft Backlit Trade Show Displays

10ft  Backlit Casonara Trade Show Wall
10ft Backlit Casonara Trade Show Wall

The last couple of years we’ve seen a huge boom in backlit trade show exhibits. We say that once your neighbor has one and you don’t, it’ll be hard to do another show without the bright backlit displays to attract attention to your booth.

Some of the most popular backlit displays for 2024 for 10 x 10’ booths are the 10ft Infinity DNA Pro Backlit Wall—which can be double-sided printed, the 10ft wide by 10ft tall Luminaire Back Wall, and the Casanara Backlit Counter.

10ft Infinity Backlit Wall
10ft Infinity Backlit Wall

Make sure to order electricity for your booth space as you’ll need it to power these big, beautiful displays.

Trade Show Counters

Small Casonara Backlit Trade Show Counter
Small Casonara Backlit Trade Show Counter

Having good trade show counters is always a good idea. And provides counter space to meet and greet attendees, hold a laptop, or for putting out marketing materials like brochures, catalogs, or promotional products.

CA700 Hard Case-to-Counter
CA700 Hard Case-to-Counter

I really like the CA700 Hard Case-to-Counter. This can be used not only as storage and shipping for your 10-ft back wall—like the Infinity Backlit display—but it also doubles as a podium counter with its own branded graphic. Just make sure you don’t put too much weight on it or let anyone lean on it. This is a visually good-looking counter but due to its portability, it does sacrifice some stability.

As mentioned before, the Casonara Backlit Counters are another really popular option. They come in a range of sizes and look incredible. They’re also very sturdy.

Casonara Backlit Trade Show Counter
Casonara Backlit Trade Show Counter

10 X 10 Foot Trade Show Exhibit Rentals

2024 will present more opportunities for rentals. With ever-changing floor plans and venues, being nimble and able to have an exhibit rental option means you don’t have to commit to one exhibit. It also means you can cut down on costs. And who doesn’t want to save money?

The Hybrid Pro Modular Kits offer 10ft exhibit purchases or rentals. You can select a kit that works for your 2024 exhibiting needs like shelving, storage, counters, backlit, slatwall, and much more.

You have the convenience to line up show site labor, exhibit shipping, and freight before and after the show. All without having to spend money on a purchase then worry about storage in between shows.

For the Hybrid Pro Modular Kits, you own the graphics and rent the hardware, so if you ever rent the same kit again in the future, you already have the graphics and your only cost is the rental hardware.


Hopefully, this gives you some really great options as we head into the new 2024 year and as usual, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate ask!

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