Best 10X10 Trade Show Display for Using a TV Monitor

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One of the most common features that Exhibitors are looking for in their tradeshow display is the ability to add a TV monitor. While there are many ways to accomplish this I will review some of the most common ways where exhibitors have found success.

Luckily for us, TV monitors have come a long way and that they are much more lightweight and less expensive than years in the past. This means that there are more options for Exhibitors to incorporate a TV monitor with their tradeshow display and still be portable. Keep in mind each display is different and that most still have restrictions on the size and weight that each display can accommodate, especially for 10X10′ booth sizes. But here’s a look at some of our most popular options:

Formulate Master Displays
The Formulate Master Display series is one the most popular options for exhibitors who want to add a TV monitor to their display. The unique frame system allows for adding different Formulate Accents and Stand-Offs to any back wall which will work great for not only TV monitors but also shelving and other unique features. In most cases you are able to adjust the TV monitor up or down and also re-position it depending on your needs for each 10X10 booth space. The system was designed and developed with these specific needs in mind. Not only do they look great but they provide amazing functionality while still being portable.

SEG Tradeshow Displays
the SEG frame system is another great option for Exhibitors who are looking to add a TV monitor. There are different designs and configurations that work best when trying to add TVs to a booth. With the SEG frame system we typically design these so that a back wall that holds a TV also has return walls on each side. This gives the back wall the stability that it needs to hold a larger TV monitor, in some cases up to 70 inches. Since the SEG frame system is typically custom-built we have the ability to design the display to fit a customers needs including one that will have a TV monitor. It is important to not only create a display that looks great but also is well-planned out and avoids any problems when trying to hold a heavy item such as a TV. It is recommended that exhibitors find the model and size of a TV monitor before the planning stages begin and the display is built. This allows us to take into account the type of TV mount and overall design of the display to ensure the success of your investment at your next 10X10 tradeshow. SEG back walls, towers, and even counters are an excellent option for exhibitors who want a more custom feel and we can even make them backlit!

Lumiere Light Wall Displays
The Lumiere light wall display series is a relatively new all option for exhibitors who want an extremely portable back wall display but still feature a TV monitor. This backwall system is not only conveniently portable, but it also has the ability to be backlit. The Lumiere light wall system has its own TV mount. It can hold a TV monitor up to 40 inches and no heavier than 30 pounds. This is a portable tradeshow display option that is great for exhibitors who need this type of functionality at a low price point, and may also be interested in a backlit wall. It is also worth noting that the Lumiere Light Wall Displays, can also be made into different configurations. We actually have some pre-designed configurations on our website which are great for adding the Lumiere TV mount. As this option has become more popular, the feedback that we are receiving is extremely positive and one you make want to consider.

While there are many tradeshow displays and systems that allow for a TV monitor these are just some of the ones that we recommend that not only look great, have an affordable price point, and deliver the functionality that exhibitors need. You will also want to take in the consideration storage or shelving if you’re planning on having a laptop power the TV. Most of the newer TVs have an option for an SD card where you can simply run your video, slideshow, or presentation.

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