Top 20ft Trade Show Exhibits for 2024

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We just gave thanks for our holiday Thanksgiving. Next, we’ll be saying Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and more before ushering in the new year of what may be the best and busiest exhibition season ever!

As our customers and exhibitors prepare for a new fresh wave of trade shows, we’re making some recommendations for portable and modular exhibits. In our last blog post, we wrote a guide for the Top 10ft Trade Show Exhibits for 2024. In this post, we will discuss the top-rated trade show exhibits for 10X20’ booth spaces.

The jump from a 10 x 10’ to a 10 x 20’ booth means you may have some different needs. With double the space, you have more room for activities! Not to mention space for storage, merchandising, displays, shelving, counters, and much more.

Luckily, there are many great options in the 10X20’ category, since this booth size is the second most common dimension on a trade show floor.

From purchase to rental solutions, let’s take a look at some of the most popular and new models available.

Full 10 x 20 Foot Trade Show Exhibit Kits

Having a fully integrated trade show exhibit is often overlooked. Sure, you could piece together items like back walls, counters, etc., but will look congruent and match?

20ft Hybrid Modular Pro Kits
20ft Hybrid Modular Pro Kits

Full 20ft exhibit kits like the Hybrid Modular Pro offer a complete frame kit in which everything matches. It’s designed to fit in the same cases or crates for shipping from show-to-show, and you could set these up yourself, with your team, or choose to hire outside labor for the installation and dismantle.

The have lots of features from backlit graphics, shelving, storage rooms, counters, tv mounts and more.

Best of all, the Hybrid Modular Pro kits can be purchased or rented. If you decide to rent, you actually purchase the graphics and then rent the hardware. This comes in handy if you ever rent the same kit again, since you already own the graphics and the only additional cost at that point is the rental hardware.

20ft Panoramic-H Line Exhibit Kits
20ft Panoramic-H Line Exhibit Kits

Next recommendation is the Panoramic-H Full Exhibit Kits. These are one of my favorites for one simple reason. The wall panels are all designed to ship with the graphics already installed on them. Simply open the crate they come in and pull out each panel with its pre-installed graphics and click together each additional panel using the fast locks and voilà. Your booth is assembled in minutes instead of hours!

The Panoramic-H line kits can be designed with storage space, shelves, and pretty much any of the other add-on options found with other exhibit kits.

20ft Modco Trade Show Exhibit Kit
20ft Modco Trade Show Exhibit Kit

Modco 10 x 20’ Trade Show Exhibit kits are the next great option. These frames have holes every few inches, allowing for an endless number of different booth configurations. These very sturdy frame systems are great for changing or adding on to, meaning you can create different booth sizes like 10 x 10’, 10 x 20’, 10 x 30’, 20 x 20’, and much more. These truly are the ultimate modular trade show exhibit—thus the name Modco!

Add Modco counters, shelving, LED lights, changing rooms, and much more!


The ability to buy/rent an exhibit that will work for multiple booth sizes is extremely common for the 10 x 20’ booth exhibitor. You may have several 10 x 10’ booths in any given year, but also have one larger booth like a 10 x 20’ or bigger where the need to use the same frame system is key for logistics, costs, and branding purposes.

All of the options mentioned above help to achieve these end goals!

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