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Exhibitors have a lot on their plate—from travel arrangements to setting up appointments with customers at the show, and MUCH more!

Having to coordinate the shipping and storage for your booth exhibits doesn’t have to be an additional worry. Especially if you exhibit at a lot of shows throughout the year. It may make sense to enlist some help and take this burden off your plate.

Trade Show Display Shipping Storage & Service

Production Prints offer shipping and storage options for your trade show exhibits in-house. Let us do the heavy lifting can make sure your hard cases, pallets, or crates get to your next show.


Need storage?

No problem! After the show is over, simply ship your material back to us where we carefully organize and store everything in a climate-controlled, secure environment.

No need to take up precious space at your office when it can be stored with us.

Trade Show Exhibit Shipping & Receiving

In addition to storage, our shipping and receiving services can handle any logistics to and from your location, including:

  • Shipping to Advance Shipment Warehouses
  • Shipping Direct to Show Site
  • Shipping to hotels
  • Shipping to business locations
  • Shipping to residences
  • Shipping to Canada

With our experience navigating all the different locations your trade show exhibits may need to be sent, you can be sure that deadlines, proper shipping labels, and other logistics are all handled properly.

We ship to your location and when the show is over you ship it back to us, where it gets stored until your next show.

Our location is in Bend, Oregon, conveniently located on the West Coast, with 1-, 2-, & 3-day delivery to all major cities such as:

  • Las Vegas, NV
  • Seattle, WA
  • Los Angeles, CA
  • San Francisco, CA
  • Portland, OR
  • San Diego, CA
  • Phoenix, AZ

Allow for longer transit times for locations in the Midwest and East Coast—or Canada.

Different Shipping & Freight Options

For small packages and portable hard travel cases, we ship UPS or FedEx via Ground, 3-Day Air, 2-Day Air, or Next Day air.

Any pallets, skids, or crates are shipped via LTL Freight (less than truckload). Please note, logistics can get complicated with freight and is dependent on the service level selected. Additionally, the delivery window is often longer, and it’s best suitable for shipping to advance shipment warehouses rather than 1- or 2-day delivery windows shopping direct to a show site at a convention center.

To determine rates, costs, and more information, please send us a message or fill out our shipping request form.

Note #1

Please note that we do not offer Installation & Dismantle labor services, however, we did create our useful guide ‘Help Setting Up Your Trade Show Exhibit At The Show‘ which has a lot of good nuggets of information and referrals to vendors that can help with this.

Note #2

Test-fitting new graphics with your stored exhibit frame isn’t currently offered. Replacement graphics already go through a QC process to ensure proper fitting.


Shipping and storage solutions help make the busy times of exhibitions easier and less complicated. Let the experts—in shipping to and from convention centers across the country for years—help you make your next show and beyond a huge success!

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