Re-Designed! Backlit + Non-Backlit Exhibit

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Creating an impactful booth that stands out is crucial for attracting attention and engaging visitors. One innovative approach is combining backlit and non-backlit panels to create unique and visually appealing configurations. This technique offers a blend of illumination and structure, providing both a striking visual experience and the functional space needed for an effective exhibit.

A Unique Visual Experience at CES 2024

Our featured booth for CES 2024 is a prime example of how this combination can be effectively utilized. The design incorporates 4.5ft Infinity DNA Pro Backlit Walls and 10ft WaveLight Backlit Walls, paired with Non-Backlit WaveLine Panels.

20X20ft WaveLight WaveLine Combo Live

This mix creates a captivating visual dynamic, drawing attention to the highlighted backlit graphics while using non-backlit structures to form the rest of the booth. The result is an exhibit that not only shines literally but also in terms of visitor engagement and interest.

The booth at CES 2024 includes:

20X20ft WaveLight + WaveLine Combination
  • Two 10ft WaveLight Backlit Walls combined with two smaller 4ft Non-Backlit WaveLine Panels, creating a practical rectangle storage space. This area features a 58″ TV Monitor and a Printed Archway, making it an ideal spot for presentations or product demonstrations.
  • Two 4.5ft wide Infinity DNA Pro Backlit Double-Sided Freestanding Displays, offering versatile, eye-catching branding opportunities from all angles.
  • Two 5.5ft wide InfoDesk non-backlit Counters, perfect for information distribution or as welcome points.
  • A standard 6ft Printed Drape Table Cover, adding a professional finish to the exhibit.

This approach to booth design is about more than just aesthetics; it’s about creating an environment that is both visually stimulating and functionally effective. By combining backlit and non-backlit panels, exhibitors can craft spaces that are not only visually diverse but also versatile and adaptable to their specific needs. Whether you’re showcasing at CES or any other trade show, this strategy is sure to make your booth a memorable destination on the show floor.

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