Perfect Combo: 10X20 WaveLight Waveline Kit B

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Trade show landscape are ever-evolving, exhibitors constantly face the challenge of showcasing their products effectively while ensuring their booth stands out in a sea of competitors. Understanding this, we’ve crafted a solution tailored specifically to the needs of businesses aiming to leave a lasting impression.

Every exhibiting company dreams of a full booth package that not only effectively displays its merchandise but also encapsulates its brand essence. Recognizing this, we’ve meticulously designed a portable and modular exhibit that serves as an answer to the most pressing exhibitor pain points. The combination of shelving, counters, and even backlit features ensures your products are not just seen, but remembered.

LIGHT - WL config 1 left

The beauty of this design doesn’t end at its appearance. Imagine an exhibit that packs effortlessly into hard travel cases, eliminating the customary hassle associated with booth setups. The best part? It’s so user-friendly that just a couple of individuals can set it up without any tools. This ease extends to its customizability as well. Whether you’re looking to add or remove panels to align with specific events or themes, this exhibit provides the flexibility to do so.

During a trade show, your booth effectively becomes your retail storefront. This space is a representation of your brand, your products, and, in many ways, your company’s ethos. Hence, it’s imperative that it stands out. The 10X20 WaveLight Waveline Combo Kit B allows you to transform your booth into a uniquely branded space. From the frosted acrylic shelves adjustable to your preference to the meticulously crafted backlit WaveLight back wall, every element screams precision and brand alignment.

LIGHT - WL config 1 overhead
Overhead Image

Breaking Down the 10X20 WaveLight Waveline Combo Kit B

Backlit Central Piece: A 10ft WaveLight back wall ensures your booth commands attention.

Personalized Sides: Two WaveLine Panels with single-sided printing flank the central piece, adding depth and character to the overall setup.

Ample Display Space: With six shelves in total, the WaveLine Shelf Kits ensure that your products are displayed prominently.

Seamless Integration: The WaveLight to WaveLine Butterfly Clamps guarantees consistency across all elements.

Branding Down to the Case: Two CA700 Case-to-Counters, complete with custom graphics, ensure your brand message is consistent, right down to the storage units.

The 10X20 WaveLight Waveline Combo Kit B isn’t just an exhibit; it’s an experience, ensuring your brand remains etched in the memories of all visitors. So, next time you’re preparing for a trade show, remember, we’ve got the perfect booth solution waiting for you.

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