10X10′ Online Only Booth Kit A with Fabric Pop Up

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The fast-paced world of business, trade shows and events remain an essential platform for companies to showcase their products, interact with potential clients, and stand out in the crowded marketplace. But creating an eye-catching booth that’s also budget-friendly can be quite the challenge. Here is the 10X10′ Online Only Booth Kit A – a game changer for businesses aiming for impact without breaking the bank.

10X10' Online Only Booth Kit A - Front View
10X10′ Online Only Booth Kit A

This kit is not just any regular exhibit package. It is fully branded, boasting custom printing that reflects the quality and professionalism our customers have come to expect from our premium range. What sets this package apart is its unique ‘accordion-style’ fabric display, optimized for both inline and corner booth spaces.

10X10' Online Only Booth Kit A Gif

Additionally, the package includes a 24″ wide retractable banner stand, enhancing the visual appeal and ensuring your brand message is prominently displayed. The cherry on top? A beautifully printed stretch table cover that pulls the entire setup together. The beauty of the 10X10′ Online Only Booth Kit A lies not just in its cohesive design but also in its incredible portability. It’s perfectly suited for smaller or regional trade shows, ensuring brand continuity and presence. And the best part? This complete exhibit solution comes at a fraction of the cost compared to other retailers.

10X10' Online Only Booth Kit A Overhead

For exhibitors consistently grappling with the challenge of finding a blend of affordability, portability, and a strong branded presence, especially for 10X10′ spaces and smaller events, this kit is the ultimate solution.

OCE Hard Travel Case
OCE Hard Travel Case

This kit ship in optional OCE Hard Travel Case with Wheels. Say goodbye to exorbitant prices and hello to a booth setup that is as professional as it is cost-effective. Don’t just take our word for it; see for yourself how the 10X10′ Online Only Booth Kit A can revolutionize your trade show experience.

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